This blog is based upon a Facebook live session i delivered. Many brothers and sisters in the Ummah feel they have a lack of confidence in their dawah styles and generally in life too. I hope these following tips would help them overcome this. A Video complimenting this blog is available upon request:
instagram: @dawahmotivation
As in a lot of things in life, I always take an unorthodox approach to confidence building techniques!
Right now I feel supremely confident.
Be it on the streets of London, be it presenting, be it delivering a halaqah etc.
But I wasn’t always like this!
When I was a boy I was the complete opposite. I was an extremely shy boy.
My confidence began building up,first by hanging around amazingly cheeky brothers. Then the Dawah stall experience. For many years I used to literally stand and give out flyers and avoided discussion with passersby. Then i began to speak up more and then…slowly but surely i felt comfortable & i began moving around the stall and approach people with zero fear!
Then came the big change.
 Street fundraising!
I was a street a fundraiser and a trainer for 8 years. In these 8 years I picked up many skills and I felt supremely confident. In all spheres of life.
The following I believe could help you in your journey in becoming in life:
We should get into public speaking and in public situations again and again to desensitize fears. The more you put yourself up for speaking in front of a crowd the easier it will get. The very first time you do this, you will be a bag of nerves. But when you go through this grieving process a few times, it most definitely gets easier and your confidence grows. After this tough experience, you take this new-found confidence everywhere and anywhere!
Go through the stages of nervousness,fear and sweat.These powerful emotions and feelings will keep recurring,it will happen 1,2,3,4 times but then eventually at the ninth attempt you’ll feel like you are the most confident person in the world. The sweat will whither away, nerves shall vanish and you will actually begin to enjoy giving lectures!
Put yourself out of your comfort zone. Challenge yourself!
At first you will sweat, this is guaranteed.
You will Panic, you will hate it. But keep at it!
Whether its presenting something at University,or your home or even online, keep at it! Keep doing it. The mistakes will decrease. It gets easier..and behold.. you’ll actually begin enjoying it!
Love and enjoy ‘REJECTIONS’ because whenever you give dawah you’ll have to face this and it is a Sunnah
We should embrace rejection.
Rejection won’t physically assault you and leave you for dead! It’s just a reaction and that’s all. Look forward to getting rejected or ignored. If you apply your mind to this, you will see how you will naturally become more confident in your demeanour! Rejection is your friend! Learn to love it!
Daaees should love rejection and challenges,it’s actually fun playing this game of getting rejected. Treat it as a game! 😀
you have to act brave strong and confident,  don’t sink in the ocean of maybe ness. Just go ahead and say the truth. Thought’s like : ‘’ if i say this to him, or if i do that, then MAYBE he will get angry, MAYBE he will hate me, MAYBE he will get me arrested..these MAYBE’S are just going to drown you and stagnate your progress in whatever field you are in.
Be more and more random. Start having small chats with random people. With the waiter at a restaurant. The taxi driver, shopkeeper, the maid, anyone you exchange a few pleasantries with, turn it into a conversation. This will add to your repertoire as a generally all round confident individual.
❗Dont fear what people will say just go ahead with what you want to say! Thier verbal reactions  are Mere words! You fear mere letters coming out from the mouths of limited, fallible human beings?!  Have a Fear of Allah, not his creation.
Come on reflect upon this deeply.. These words cannot harm you at all. No words can adjust or impact your feeling with out your permission. Go forth and ahead with what you want to say, in a group discussion, delivering  a presentation or engaging in street Dawah.
❗Ignore the looks and reactions fear the one who made these reactions💯.
So are you really going to let a mere look. A screw face or a raise of an eye brow, put you down? Of course not! These looks have a limited power. Don’t let a negative look upon you get you down in any way!
Never worry about what people think of you. I simply don’t let their opinions of me affect me whatsoever. I remove all thoughts of what they MIGHT think of me. Be your own, be yourself, be different! shutterstock_208422298-100413072-primary.idge_
❗Its not a big deal if someone say ‘NO’ I don’t want to listen to you.
Don’t worry,  come  back at them again with  unique ways. Don’t let this deflate your confidence. NO is a maybe in disguise and a future yes!
Try and surround yourself with extroverts. Connect with very outgoing people. Their natural confidence will slowly rub off on you.
Have a deep fear of Allah swt ! Once this is ingrained within your soul, you’ll soon see every human as mere limited mortals. Human beings cannot harm you, psychologically or physically with the permission of the lord of the worlds!
‘ La Hawla Wa La Quwwata illa BillAh ‘
There is no power and no strength except with Allah!
In a Dawah stall situation or presentation in front of a large audience. Remember that there is no greater power in life than the power of Allah. Live by this mantra throughout your whole life. This will give you courage and bravery like no other.
This Should be your personal mantra for life. Really internalize this.
I hope these very brief tips will Help you become confident & that it improves your personal, professional & Dawah life!
Jazak Allah Khair


2017-07-19 11.20.42Question:

Assalaam alaykum.
Do you have any ideas for doing dawah in the hostel? I am staying at a girls hostel in Pakistan and need ideas. Jzk
More than anything, if you are serious about becoming a daee, then have a think about how much are you committed to this? Are you willing to sacrifice your time? Remember you too are a student and have your own work. Can you handle becoming a reference point and your studies? You may have to always be available and have people coming to your room regularly.
One of the best ways is to always set up a high standard of Islam to your colleagues. Be the best example. The beauty of being an example to other students is that this will motivate you to increase and improve your own Deen! We all need doses of inspiration and motivation
You will always find new admissions trying hard to adjust in the hostel environment, looking for help from anyone at all. Be their super hero and help them with everything. This will help you make your own group of friends who are grateful to you at the same time and listen and trust your word. This is your chance to share the word of Allah SWT with them.
 Facilitate girls around you and share with them the places you have found around the hostel that they can go to for their everyday needs or just to hang out with friends. Tell them about the best tailor, mall ,market, restaurant, picnic spot. This will help you win their hearts.
It’s all about winning the hearts. A lot of the dawah to Islam, or at least initiation is about winning the hearts and inspiring the youth..! 
 Generally, our friends don’t need typical naseeha, so don’t lecture them. Show them how your ways (i.e. Islam), are amazing. Remember this can take long , long time, so think years and not expect change within weeks or even months!
 They will approach you to learn and discuss about your ways and share their problems and maybe show interest in adapting to the ways of Islam.
Everyone at a hostel is away from friends and family and misses them. Do things they miss. If you know how to cook, cook for them insha’Allah, which can remind them of their home and automatically they will feel attached to you.
Prove your presence at the university and the hostel. Joining the Debating Society is a good example.. Your university must appreciate your presence. University administration must know you as one of their best students.
 Excel in your academics.
Whenever you get a chance to speak to a group of girls or to address the class or a chance during your halaqas, speak about solutions to the problems of your fellows, like exam stress, love, family disputes and other topics of importance at their level and age.
Keep everything relevant to them, and, always in the light of Islam and Tauheed.
 Improve your English and language skills, especially spoken.
Be active and engage with the student body. Execute your plans practically. Arrange trips for your fellows, plan and arrange healthy activities; seminars and workshops including religious and educational expos.
 Offer incentives to the fellows. Incentives, like your team of Da’wah sisters can offer to wash the dishes for the ‘disinterested’ group or maybe to buy them food, or more general offers like certificates or credit hours in the course that you can arrange with the consent of university officials.
Become a counsellor and an advisor for your fellows. Be honest. Be trustworthy. Be sincere. Be there for them at all times.
If you are going  through a book, then perhaps after a while get the other hostilities to read the book. This makes it more interesting and keeps everyone involved.
Ask for ideas, what topics would your fellow students like to discuss?
Organise mini tours to a conference or an interesting landmark, show the students your exploring and adventurous side..
    These are just some very basic tips and ideas. One of the biggest purposes of these blogs is to get the reader thinking. To build upon these ideas, to open a new window of thinking within their minds.
May Allah set bless those involved in the dawah everywhere.


Why don’t you get involved bro?

How networking and historical connections brought about an amazing project!

The second visit to the historic town of Banbury in the county of Oxfordshire, U.K. was again a fulfilling and productive venture.

The historic connection i mention is that Shk Shuaib and Br Fiaz both hail from Yorkshire originally and then moved down to Banbury. This is exactly what happened with me in the late 70s and 80s. How these amazing brothers set up a masjid to call to Tawheed in this region is inspiring and how we have similar locational backgrounds is surprising and Qadr Allah.

I will narrate perhaps somewhat tediously how all this came about. I do this so that you the reader could take inspiration from this & take similar steps

For your own noble projects.

A few things happened simultaneously that brought about a workshop, a potential da’wah team and calling to Allah for months, years and maybe even centuries to come in this part of Allah Azwajjal World.

A sister Aqsa from Multan, Pakistan who has been very consistent in da’wah for a few years now, asked me to reach out to a brother Jamal from Banbury in the U.K. She was unaware but this is the same Banbury I used to live in the 1980s.

A sister wanted to accept Islam in Banbury and he wanted some assistance with this. After speaking to Br Jamaal who is from Karachi, he said they wished her Shahadah to take place on Eid at GLM in Birmingham. With the help of sister Sara khurram who is also part of a team that I built 2 years back. Sister Sara is also based in Birmingham. Alhumdulilah the Shahadah took place and everyone was happy. Rewards all round in Birmingham, Banbury, Multan and me in Sussex! :). Following this, I did my usual routine now which is to ask Jamal.. so why don’t you get involved in da’wah since you’ve had success with this revert!

This one question unlocks so many opportunities!

He was happy to hear this and so I visited him in Banbury, we had coffee and he was eager to try out a stall and perhaps start a team. Funnily enough he had no idea about iera , YC..

Before the date that was set of for the Banbury dawah stall. I saw a status on Ustadh Wasims FB. Ustadh Wasim is a regular Khateeb around the U.K. and does amazing work with charities. I’ve never met him but we’ve spoken virtually. It stated that he’s in Banbury at a masjid names Ibn baz. So a thought struck me that if he has links with this masjid, I could ask if they could be on hand to help our new revert.

Ustadh wasim mentioned me to Shk Shuaib. He spoke to a Br Fiaz. I passed on this number to Jamaal and they connected.

This is the reason I always showcase share all my da’wah projects online in order that people could see what’s happening and it could open doors for the da’wah.

Ustadh wasim has been following my work and so he gave a glowing reference to Shk Shubaib and as a result we organised the workshop at the masjid!

In September, I took a small team. My brother, Ali from west London whom I connected via Adam ( see previous blogs) and Br Waleed whom I connected via Muhammad ali and YC Lahore! He is based in East London.

This time I took waleed and my brothers and his son. It’s always a case of who is available and just ask to come along. Team personnel will always change.. but the da’wah must continue!

Whenever I have to visit a new town or city, I literally sometimes scroll down my WhatsApp and see who lives on the way to this area and see if I can pick him up and join the da’wah! This is how I roll!

When we got to Banbury, Jamaal mentioned Fiaz, he may join us but not certain.

But Alhumdulillah that he did join. This brother has amazing qualities and enthusiasm and is part of the masjid. We clicked. And thus we planned a da’wah workshop and on Saturday 30th October.

It took place at the very building where i used to live. As a 13 year old, getting up to mischief, little did I know that a few decades later.. I’d be delivering a reminder and training at the same place.

Shk Shubaib knew of my dad and was pleasantly surprised that I’m

His son. This in turn has made my parents proud that their son is speaking in a place where everyone knows them!

Shk Shubaib is a Madina graduate, humble and also had amazing experiences on how they built this masjid. Had an amazing conversation with him and I’m sure we will working together along with the other brothers in the near future.

The Workshop itself went well. Before the da’wah training I had to speak about my Uncle, who used to own the house the masjid built upon, he died a few years back. So many memories to share. I also spoke about Banbury and the hard working graft of the immigrants who came over from Pakistan decades before. Truly grateful to them but also to suggest that the current generation of this town need to step up, to get close to Allah, to elevate their learning and revive the local community. It was an emotional talk for me & I’m happy I had the opportunity to deliver it.

The workshop went very well. I purposefully kept it simple and short. We mainly covered Design argument and Prophethood as well as motivation.

And then we had a couple of hours on the streets of Banbury!

Some of the one liners when trying to stop people:

A lady carrying a large box was walking past the stall. It was so large that it looked as if her head was inside the box. I called out to her .. and asked her to stop and have a quick chat, She said no I can’t.. to which I retorted:

“Come on miss.. you have to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX”! 😅

Another interesting moment took place when a smiling singing guy with a Mexican hat waked down the road with his guitar.. I could sense that he would hover around the stall and the singing could distract our da’wah conversations. So I concocted up a swift plan. I said to one of the new duaat:

Bro, do you want to forbid the munkar and help us all out. Kill a few birds with one stone?! 🙂 Then what you do is you get him into a conversation with you.

It worked!

The brother approached him and asked him to stop playing because he had a question to ask.

The guy had to stop playing his guitar and a da’wah conversation ensued. Alhumdulillah.

Sometimes on the streets you have to be alert to your surroundings and think of various strategies for street da’wah to flourish!

I hope this was an enjoyable read as well as providing some tips and inspiration.

I am utterly grateful and humbled that my Rabb, my Allah is always creating opportunities which evoke nostalgia. I love how these connections come about and it just seems like one grand plan that Allah swt is providing me and others. This keeps me even more motivated to be involved in this noble action. Subhan’Allah.

Sincere Duas for this new team to flourish.

TEAMWORK makes the DREAM work!

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh,

We are here again with an exciting and much awaited blog. We were asked many times by enthusiastic newbies various questions on how to build a team from scratch, how to keep it active, and much more.

The following blog is written by Farheen Warimani (Senior Member, DM India) based on a show of  “The Dawah Hour Show”  with the topic “Team work in Dawah”.

Team Building in Dawah:

The following points will motivate and give you a better understanding of building your team for dawah,

1. Stop waiting or complaining about joining a team that you can’t be a part of physically.  It’s not possible for all to join dawah organisations. So, what can you do??

Begin by starting your own team in your own city, town or village! Imagine the rewards you will get with this initiative.

2. The amazing teams like IERA, Youth Club and DawahMotivation weren’t made in a day, it all started with an idea from one person which was put into action and on today you can see how successful they are. Allahumma Baarik!

3. If they can do it then you can do it too!! (Even with a single person involved) Just follow the steps below,

  • Look at your locality and recognize the need for dawah.
  • Understand who your audience is.
  • You may follow the style of various dawah organisations  but your content has to be designed according to the needs of your audience.

Usually, with sisters, most of them complain of not being able to build a team or not being able to give any dawah because of their duties as a mother, wife and the list goes on, while with the younger sisters it’s the studies, exams, assignments and projects that hold them back . To prove and motivate you that it is possible for a person like you to be a part of the team, despite having your own duties, we have our two guests, one of them being sister Noureen Razzaq from Perth, Australia who is married and a mother. She has successfully built a team there and had various events organised while our second guest sister Aisha Tariq from Karachi, Pakistan. She is not only a student but also a part time teacher. She has not only built an amazing team in her city but has also been involved in organising events for dawah. For those who don’t want to miss the beautiful essence of how these sisters built their teams and what made them successful, click the link below to watch the whole show.

FAQs: Team building
We have a few of the most frequently asked questions and their answers below. They will surely help you with your journey of building a dawah team!

How do you keep your members motivated?

  • Keep them involved in various tasks no matter how small or easy they seem to be.
  • Appreciate their efforts.
  • Make them feel as if they own the team.
  • Update your members about the progress of the team.
  • Stay in touch with them and have an idea of their personal lives as well.

How to balance the 3 Ds i.e., Deen, Duniya and Dawah?

  • Structure your schedule in a way that doesn’t compromise any of your responsibilities towards these 3 Ds.
  • You must be ready to sacrifice your sleep and be able to give up part of your leisure or entertainment time.
  • You need to fulfil your obligations towards Allah and your duties towards your family and the world.

What must a team player be?

  • Must be versatile
  • Must be able to switch his/her roles according to the situations and circumstances.
  • Must be able to identify his/her team members’ skills, talents and know about their personal lives so that he can switch his role as required.
  • Must actively participate in the progress of the team.
  • Must be committed.
  • Must be flexible to volunteer to do various tasks.
  • Must have a positive attitude to handle hard times.

What activities should be done to keep dawah going??

  • Do live sessions once a week on Facebook or other social media platforms.
  • Share reminders through online posts or offline meetings and conversations.
  • Get involved in one to one Dawah.
  • Organize events for both online and offline audiences.
  • Do team meet-ups to increase bonding between the members of the team.

Things to remember!
Success without challenges is not possible, so here are a few challenges you might face with your team, but don’t ever give up and remember why you started your team!

  • Starting a team is easy but maintaining it is a challenge.
  • Building bonds between members of the team.
  • Remember you are the team while the others are just bonus to your team.
  • Many may come and go but you must keep going even if the team is only YOU.

Great Reminder for the people in Dawah:

  • Equip yourself with enough knowledge of Quran and Sunnah so that you can give hadeeth references, verses and proper explanations to people and clarify their misconceptions or doubts while doing dawah.
  • One person who sees the truth and believes in Islam is better than many who just join Islam ignorantly.

– Farheen Warimani
(Senior Member, DM India)

Pause serves a Purpose

Youth Club Blog

By Huda Khan

Today as you mindlessly scroll your feeds, pause for a while, and check your average screen time, you’d be shocked to see that on an average 6-7 hours of your day are spent consuming irrelevant information through the social media platforms. After you do this ask yourself is it worth it to spend such a huge chunk of your day on something like this? Now try to recall the events that occurred in the past few months.

The world went through a massive calamity and all of a sudden everything came to a pause. After spending the early days of the lockdown uncertainty and fear and then slowly getting comfortable with staying at home, making Dalgona coffees, playing games on our devices, binge-watching TV shows, we now are realizing that we could have done a lot more than this. Something that would improve the quality of our…

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What would you do in Jannah…

Re- blogging this because it is so unique!


I think we have this idea that Jannah is where things end…but it’s where things begin. We are just in the trailer and the film…

-Break dance with all the Prophets.
-Myself, Ibrahim alayhi salam, and all the little kids that are with him, would go around pulling pranks on everyone in Jannah
-Talk to all those people that Muslims called “deviant!” who got into Jannah and ask them, “so, like what happened, man?”
-Bungee jump from the seventh heaven to the first
-Find out the truth about aliens, Mayan calendars, freemasons and all that craziness
-Read every book in existence and then write many, many more
-Have my own theme song
-Shoot my own Bollywood film and be my own cheesy hero
-Sleep upside down
-Surf a black hole
-Have my own version of the Deen Show
-Ride a T-rex
-Learn all the languages of the world, especially Aramaic…

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London Youth and Street Dawah

On a hot sweltering August day, something that has made me very emotional took place.

What took place was something I’ve been yearning for a long while now. What took place was a bunch of young London based brothers ( 16-22) converge onto Central London & engage in da’wah. Not just Dawah, but street da’wah!

I exclaim in this way, because those who are involved in the da’wah, especially in the U.K. , will appreciate that getting youth to be involved in active da’wah is extremely difficult. This is the age where most youth want to watch speaker corner debates and arguments, become youtubers and entrepreneurs and only focus on charity work. Very rarely you’ll see huge enthusiasm for street da’wah and da’wah projects.

But alhumdulilah, through networking the last few months, these brothers insisted on experiencing street da’wah.

We met at East Croydon station. I had my son with me too. Around 9 of us converged onto Leicester Square.

Because this is their first ever time engaging in da’wah, we had to do a mini training and brief. In this briefing I went through the Niyyah, sincerity, why dawah, some stopping styles and what sort of message we Want to convey. Insha’Allah real and longer training will be done another day.

Masha’Allah the youth, although their first time, engaged with people from the get go. This was so pleasing to see.

On a personal level, I handed out perhaps around 20 odd booklets. And had 3 meaningful conversations.

Here they are:

So after a year of no street da’wah, my stopping lines were a bit scratchy. It’s like starting up a sports car after being shut inside a garage for a long time. Takes some time to get its verve back again.

After praising Allah and asking for his help, I went forth in the blazing sun that was shining down upon central London. I see a couple of young guys, English white guys, I call out to them and shout:

So how long have you been supporting Arsenal FC?!

They both stop in shock. They are shocked because that is their team they support. I can’t recall their names but they were both brothers. The older brother said, that’s freaky, I non chalantly reply with, “ah nothing new for me. “ Although in my deepest of minds, even I thought ok, ajeeb! Qadr Allah, they actually are Gooners. So After the usual ‘getting to know’ I exclaimed that you guys seem like highly intelligent guys ( although they didn’t say much to be fair, but this made them feel good). I asked what do you think of Islam, your honest opinion. The older retorted he doesn’t believe in anything and the usual ‘ respects all religions.’ Vibe. The younger one said, I think I believe in a higher power. I latched onto this and said, how about if I give you a rational reason to believe in a creator and then after that you go and do your own research . So went through a brief version of the origins of the universe argument, no objections and then advised them to check out a few websites..

And off they went, seed sown. Let’s see what happens on the day of judgment.. did they accept Islam a few years down the line? Who knows..

Second discussion was with a guy who had the branded T/shirt “Guess who”. So I approached him from afar and said loudly that “let me guess” .. he was surprised and said.. what?! I said.. I’m

Just following your Tshirt.. and my guess is : You’re an amazing human being! 😎😅. This not only made him laugh but stop and put away what he was smoking. It turned out he was a Turkish Muslim and this was more of a naseehah discussion. We spoke briefly about Salah, before a phone all took him away.

The third interaction was with a highly confident and cheeky Christian. Whilst a few of us were talking amongst each other, a Christian guy walks up to us. And I do have to admire the boldness. This is the kinda bold approach I want our duaat to adopt. He asks are you guys Muslim and we all nodded. He asked why and each brother was justifying their reason. Now I can see this guy had an angle, I can feel it coming, and behold.. a little later he brought up atonement and redemption. I won’t go into the details of the discussion but a few points came out which may help this blog.

He insisted that blood sacrifice was essential for the good of mankind. At this I asked, so Jesus died for Jews too? He said yes? For hindus, Buddhists and atheists.. everyone. He said yes. Even Muslims? He said yes.

Then I said, ok so with respect, then we don’t need to do anything. We can all relax. Because the sacrifice has been made! Now that did make him think for a moment and whilst he was thinking of a retort, I quickly asked bros around me, tell this gentleman how beautiful Allah’s mercy and forgiveness is.

Tawbah in Islam et al. Brothers recited ahadith, a Qur’anic ayah and so forth. To show which is more profound and makes sense. The Christian view of sin and redemption or the Islamic view..?

I also, with respect and a calm manner , asked him, by your theology, all babies are not born pure? Born with original sin. So a baby born today at a local hospital is already sinful? And then I said but have you ever studied the concept of fitrah in islam? Where in it’s the complete opposite! Humans are born pure and then their original belief gets corrupted and so forth..

As usual, he kept jumping to other questions. But the exchange was pleasant and chilled. It ended with me asking him what does he know about our prophet. He said actually the Prophet comes across as a great man and leader. And then I pressed him on the claim of him being a messenger of God. He said, he believe LS that the prophet was sincere but sincerely confused. He didn’t say it, but he was implying delusion. I cited references of Non Muslim orientalists who testified to the Prophets truth and eliminate the possibility of delusion or being crazy.

A bit of Dr William, some Gibbon and Messers Watt and Alfonse. He went back to his reason that the prophet was a profound man, but we can’t be sure he saw angel Gabriel in the cave.. I insisted that his claim was delusion, and again citing prophecies coming true, insisted this cannot be an option.

In the end we ended on a stalemate and he seemed happy with the discussion and I did ask him, if he had heard some

Of the content I used today and he denied this. So I suggested that he researches this. He seemed like a nice genuine fellow.

So.. after these conversations..

We prayed salaah. Br AbulNur, the Leicester Sq veteran Daee gave us refreshing lemon juice. Really helpful in the sweaty heat.

The young crew and myself went to shake shack around the corner to do a debrief and all said it was a wonderful experience.

Planning on future dawah training with these young budding duaat.

Watch this space.

For those who took time to read the blog. In the comments below, do share what tips you have picked up, if any from this blog.

A simple cafe meet up.

It is completely understandable that in many parts of the world, it is not only tough, but actually dangerous to engage in da’wah work.
But sometimes, we forget that humans are capable of achieving great things by using their creativity and thinking outside the box.
We don’t even have to call it Dawah. There’s a million ways of calling to Allah swt or discussing Allah swt and his glory.
Recently, even during a pandemic, a sister in Karachi organised a lounge Dawah meet up. Then another young sister in obscure Rajasthan, did the same thing.
Now Masha’Allah in a very prominent major city in the Middle East, a sister simply had coffee and snacks with a friend. Whilst at the cafe, they discussed a range of issues in an intellectual, calm manner.
And then they parted ways.
That’s it! That’s all there is to it. Not an event, no flyers, Tshirts, tables, posters, loud. Nothing political or criminal or controversial, just a simple Q&A with a few people away from Islam.
Will you try this in your city? Meet at the mall, cafe or at someone’s home. Have a good chat and subtle discussion about man, life, universe?
Comment below, if you are willing to try.

Da’wah Motivation works!

One of the many reasons why I take great pride in helping young Muslims around the world, in their Dawah efforts, in their training and mentoring, is because some humans come up with such inspirational moves, that it surprises you in a nice way. One of the latest instances that took place recently was in the city of Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India. After coming across one of our tips. In this case, the tip was about using your lounge / home as a venue for an ‘event’. A young sister, was so inspired and determined to do this that she actually organised a small event at her friends house. This sister informed us that a few of her friends who were practising Islam and a few who were away from the deen got together, bonded, had a fascinating discussion on the purpose of life and about God. They did this in July 2020 in the era of Covid-19. This shows that with willpower and enthusiasm, one can engage in da’wah and organise a Dawah event, even during crisis times! It’s absolutely amazing for me, sitting here in the UK, coming up with ideas with the DM team and then from the other side of the world, someone actually implements the idea. Subhana’Allah. I hope this serves as an example that if a single young solo sister can organise something like this by herself, then others around the world can do this too. The idea is very simple actually: Ask your parents if you can bring a few people around to your living room for some tea/ biscuits. Then you invite as many people who are far away from Islam. Keep it minimal, watch a DAWAH video followed by a discussion, give a very simple but thought provoking reminder. And that’s it. If you take these small steps, Allah swt will open bigger doors for you.

Jodhpur, where a DM inspired event took place.
The recent tip that’s being executed around the world including Karachi, Crawley and Jodhpur.

Followers and following

Followers and following. The Da’wah hour show.This blog accompanied the live show that took place 23rd July 2020.

Firstly well done to those who are making amazing content. The ones that are Giving dawah online and not at all bothered about popularity. Continue guiding people, removing misconceptions and so on. Saying that, there are certain observations I have made. Lately I’ve been getting these messages:Brother, subscribe to my channel
Bro, share my video please!I am a motivational speaker, I’m an inspiring speaker! I believe I have a talent and people need to hear me!I want to be a speaker!I want to become a Vlogger!I want to become a YouTuber! So if you give this some thought you’ll realise after some time that Without you knowing and thinking, if you get popular these may happen to you: You’ll become arrogant You start feeling special You want more and more praiseBecome Envious of others channels. Thoughts like for example “they have 3k I only have..1k..” 😡and other such diseases may develop if you are not careful.Call it delusional or call it deep heedlessness but some of us are thinking, I’m doing this to promote Islam, I’m doing for the Ummah, so the more I do.. the better.
In a way that’s true.. but why are you sacrificing your heart for the sake of helping others? Surely find a middle ground, where you help yourself and others. This may mean a video now and again. This means don’t watch your ratings, make the video, publish it online and then forget about it.

  • Because have you ever thought about The fact that What if what you’re doing is counter productive? You making All these videos to become famous and if that happens, if that’s your intention then these videos will lose that divine Baraka.
  • Some of my bros from YC. And I say this without any hasad! are getting constant messages from ‘fans’. Messages like I’m your biggest fan, I love you! I wanna be like you.. regularly. If we are not careful, where will this lead? Heading towards minor shirk perhaps? On top of that, what about the content? We forgot the content and the message and have totally begun to focus on the person.

Here are some extended quotes to really drive the point home. The salaf spoke in such a way and did unique actions to ensure they didn’t become famous. Ironically.. a thousand or so years later they are famous! A lesson for us all in this?

Humble Moves

It is reported that Hammād b. Zayd said:

Ayyūb [Al-Sakhtiyānī] used to have a red shawl which he wore in ihrām, and which he had kept for his shroud. I used to walk with him sometimes; he would take different paths and I would be amazed at how he knew of them. He would do this fleeing from people in case they recognized him and said, “There’s Ayyūb.”

And it is reported that Shu’bah said:

I would sometimes go with Ayyūb for some need, but he would not let me walk with him; he would move here and there in case people noticed him.

Al-Dhahabī, Siyar A’lām Al-Nubalā` 6:22

Secret Tears

Muhammad b. Wāsi’ said: 

I have lived amongst men who were such that one of them would lie with his wife on the same pillow and his side of the pillow would be soaked with his tears under his cheek without his wife even noticing

Ibn Abī Al-DunyāAl-Ikhlās wa Al-Nīyah(Sincerity and Intentions) p34.

It is reported that Sufyān Al-Thawrī – Allāh have mercy on him – said:

Safety lies in not wanting to be known.

Seeking Reputation

When ‘Abdur Rahman ibn Mahdi rose from a gathering, he was followed by the people. (Upon this) he said: O people! Do not follow me. (Siyar: 9/207)

Al-Fudayl ibn ‘Iyaad said:
“Whosoever is saddened by loneliness and feels tranquil around the people, is not safe from Riyaa. (As-Siyar: 8/436)

Abdullaah ibn Al-Mubaarak said: Sufyaan Ath-Thawri said to me: Beware of fame. Everyone I met warned me about fame. (As-Siyar: 7/260)

Abdus Samad ibn Abdil Waarith said:
Hawshab would cry and say: My name has reached the Masjid Al-Jaami’.

It is reported upon Abul Aaliyah that if more than three people were to gather and sit around him, he would get up. (At-Tawaadu’:47)

  1. It is reported from Ibn Mas’ud (radhiallahu ‘anhu) that he said: “Do not learn knowledge for three (things): To amaze and confound the foolish, to argue with the learned and to make peoples faces turn towards you. (But) seek what is with Allah with your hearts and actions, since only that will remain and whatever is besides it will go.”

t is reported from ‘Ali (radhiallahu ‘anhu) that he said: “The one who shows off has three characteristics: He is lazy when by himself, he is lively and energetic when with others and he increases in his actions when he is praised and decreases in them when he is criticised.”
It is reported about Hawshab that he used to cry and say: “My name has reached the large mosque.” i.e. he disliked to be known out of humility and that people should mention him for fear of fame and repute

It is reported that ʿAbdullāh b. ʿUmar – Allāh be pleased with them – said:

Whoever tries to make people hear of his deeds, Allāh will make [some] of His creation hear of him (expose him), and belittle him. Ibn ʿUmar then began to cry.

Wakīʿ b. Al-Jarrāḥ, Al-Zuhd #308.

Al-Dhahabī, Siyar ʾAʿlām Al-Nubalāʾ 5:17

It is reported from Ḥammād b. Zayd that ʾAyyūb [Al-Sakhtiyānī] was once in a gathering when he was effected (moved to tears) by an exhortation, so he began wiping his nose saying, How severe a cold can be!

It is also reported from Ḥammād that ʾAyyūb was once overcome with weeping, so he said, A shaykh, when he gets very old, dribbles.

Abū Nu’aym, Ḥilyatu Al-Awliyā` Vol. 2 p217.

It is reported that when Ibn Abī Laylā prayed [at night], if someone entered [his house], he would lie down on his bed [as if he was sleeping].

It is reported that Ayyūb Al-Sakhtiyānī used to pray all night and hide it. In the morning, he would raise his voice as if he had just woken up.

Al-Dhahabī, op. cit. Vol. 6 p17.

It is reported that Dāwūd b. Abī Hind fasted for forty years without his family knowing, he would take his lunch out with him and donate it in the street.

Imām Ibrāhīm Al-Nakha’ī said

 about the Salaf: 

When in a gathering, they used to dislike a person showing the best of what he has. 

Ibn Abī Al-Dunyā, Al-Ikhlās wa Al-Nīyah

‘Abd Al-‘Azīz said:

The fear of showing off and vying with others prevents me from saying much of what could be said.

Abdullah b. Mubārak in Al-Zuhd wa Al-

Some practical SOLUTIONS

  • Take a break now and again, you are not bound to continuously making videos or post on social media. You won’t get arrested or get killed if you don’t produce and publish videos for a few weekS and months.
  • Promote and share other work/ content. Other channels and other videos. This humbles you.
  • Do a lot of private good deeds. No one on earth needs to know about these deeds.
  • Mix up your videos. Some for public and some for private groups.
  • Beseech to Allah, cry in front of him for acceptance and keep asking if you should continue on this path of producing content. Is this good for your soul or will this wreck your soul?
  • Publish and then log out. This means don’t watch your ratings, get the video done and forget about it. Forget you made it!

-Have a scholar or an elderly mentor, to give you advice and feedback. Critical feedback. Always ask for Q’s or points like what did you get from this, take home point instead of asking for likes/ shares and praise. Tips on niyyah : 

  • have a little think before publishing content.
  • go for a walk and think about the why.
  • do nawafil before issuing your content.
  • Always think about the journey: The journey from publishing this video/ blog/ live/ page post to all the steps in between how it will get you into Jannah.
  • Have a kunya instead of using your real name.

Saving yourself is always more important than saving others in the akhirah. May Allah swt save us from the delusions of grandeur & addiction to gaining followers And becoming famous. Work hard.. but try and remain unknown.If you couldn’t understand Some of the above mentioned quotes then please ask in the comments.

Social Media Dominance


Let’s make our online time productive.

Most people in the world today, when thinking of social media have mostly negative images in their head.

The ‘Selfie’ or the notorious ‘slide into my DM’ lines and other new age vocabulary comes to people’s minds.

Social Media is also known for using profanities and getting away with it, the perfect place to hide your id and your real persona. It is also the ideal place for flirting with the opposite gender, a great time waster/ killer and a place to become a keyboard warrior to vent out your frustrations regarding the world.

So with all these negatives and many more. How could you possibly make use of this tool positively?

Well if you think about it…

Social media can actually become an extremely effective tool for the da’wah.

In this blog I will briefly go through some ideas of how we can make our online time much more effective.

Let me paint you a picture of the current scenario of what practising Muslims on social media are doing:

Making nice posts, with emotional lines and then add a hadith.

Or a picture of nice mountains/ skies. And then a general motivational caption.

Upload on Instagram, on Facebook and then wait for the tonnes of likes.

Perhaps many are thinking that this is the Dawah & are immensely satisfied with their efforts.

Well, these are good reminders.. but have you ever noticed that this is EXACTLY WHAT EVERYONE ELSE is doing?!! I mean I don’t want to delve too much into it because This is different a topic but don’t you think it’s so easy to gain thousands of likes and followers by putting up pictures of the Kaaba or call your page “I love my nabi “? It is very easy. But the question is, is that what’s needed now? Do we need quite likers , hearts and followers or do we need productive engagement? But like I said that’s a different discussion..

For now let’s see what we can do to build upon this.

The sort of content that’s needed in this day and age are generally around themes such as:

-Purpose of life

-How people can get involved in calling to Allah.

-Thought provoking content

-Content that invites discussion and provokes questions/ answers.

So if you’re planning to start a YouTube channel. Then try and follow this formula.

⁃ Short reminders- relevant- quirky- well prepared, write down your notes ( yes pen and paper style! You’ll see the difference. Make it original. I also go for a long walk outdoors, perfect time to get your creative juices going.

⁃ Man life universe, purpose of life, addictions of the current youth, talk about issues that others shy away from. Tawheed. Death, Hellfire, Jannah.

If you’re on twitter, then help the Ummah to counter the anti Islamic narrative. Some will read your tweet and be made to think. For this end you need to research your subject thoroughly. For example if you’d like to get into the whole theism vs atheism debate, then brush up on your views on these subjects. Follow those engaged in active dawah on twitter to gain ideas.

If you’re a heavy Instagram user, then consider live interviews with those influencers that bring value/ benefit for the Ummah. Not those who are looking for fame and followers.

Again if you’re going to make posts then they have to thought provoking. Your post has to make someone who sees the post, stop them doing what they’re doing, make them put down their phone and ponder upon your post. You know those ‘ whoah’ moments.


I have from the onset back in 2011, dedicated my social media for the sake of da’wah. You will rarely see me sharing personal feelings, sadness, what meal am I eating or duck face / pout selfies.

Let me tell you about my journey and insights. I manage groups and pages. I think I’ve been fairly successful in online engagement & connecting with people. Alhumdulillah.

When I post, I post with these objectives:

-Motivate people to engage in da’wah.

-Motivate people to get involved in da’wah training. ( Muslim youth and non Muslims)

⁃ Provoking thought amongst those people not upon Islam.

⁃ Provoke thoughts among non Muslims.

Posts- well thought and post in gaps.

seek Commments!

Sometimes ask if running a page: where are you from? Favourite hobbies. Get the discussion going.

If you’re going to post. Post something that will create discussion or provoke deep thinking.

Always try if possible to get people to come forward and give opinions

Have non practising in mind. Non practising or Non Muslims. Post with this in mind.

What are the latest trends and fashions amongst the youth? Create relevant content.

I would invite anyone that reads this blog ( not a shameless plug in) to actually scroll down and have a look at my posts. Yes not a huge following, but I can confidently claim that there’s constant healthy engagement on most posts.

So be it any of the above social media Apps, Don’t worry about likes/ followers/ subscribers. If they come, great if not.. so what. The angels are noting down your intention and your actions.

Allah says to the angels: If my servant intends a bad deed, do not record it unless he does it. If he does it, record it as one bad deed. If he leaves it for my sake, record for him one good deed. If he intends to do a good deed and he does not do it, record for him one good deed. If he does it, record for him ten good deeds like it up to seven-hundred times as much.” (Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī)


Reflect upon this:

Look at and count how many followers you have on Insta. On Twitter, on Tik Tok.

How many friends on FB, snapchat. On WhatsApp.

How many contacts on Reddit, tumblr, we chat.

These are not letters or numbers on your screen! These are humans beings with beating hearts. They are bone and flesh.

The warning is there, in the divine book, if these people, your contacts die upon other than Islam or Muslims who were deeply involved in sins and die and you never invited them to Allah, not interacted with them, then a terrible punishment beckons. Are you just going to share random posters or are you going to do the tedious task of sending them a private message and engaging in a conversation?

Impact their hearts and minds.

You could have an epic typing chat style discussion or arguments. Tire out your fingers. Get frustrated, get misunderstood and misunderstand, because that’s what letters to letters, words upon words do on a screen do. Letters and words do not have a soul or consciousness, they are made up characters on a screen. So these are interacting, but you the persons are not!

For best results, try and meet, if not then video call, if not then an audio call. FB now offers FB messenger audio and video rooms. Making it easier.

Twitter has DM or exch emails, then exchange mediums to have the call.

YT comments, exch emails, and contact details.

Instagram- DM and an option to call!

It is far better to have a call, where words are heard and exchanged verbally, than letters on a screen. Let human minds interact via questions and answers in a language that both are comfortable with than reading coding pixels ( Letters and words on your screen). This is natural, avoids misunderstandings, humbled both and far more impact.

Mix up your posting.

For good engagement mix up your posts. Don’t just share YT link after link, a few times a day.. everyday but upload a short video now and again for better traction.

Then other times Post a profound picture, with a question asking caption.

Then sometimes ask a question, any question, maybe even a poll.

Post with a view to comment and provoke thought.

Always keep an eye on the likes, these are the people who are very shy to talk. So you to draw them-out, thank them for liking but ask them their thoughts about why they liked.

Allah swt has made it so easy for us to gain quick good deeds. Centuries ago, our ancestors had to travel in the heat, in the sweat and physically demanding conditions to call people to Allah swt.. and all we need to do is sit in front of a screen, and use our fingers from the comforts of our beds and home. Ajeeb!


People are waiting for you to initiate the chat! People are waiting online to be contacted. This is the mindset you should have whilst online. Allah swt is waiting for you to reward you, just take that step.

But also remember. Social media could be double edged sword.

If your intention is not on point. If your intention is not doing all this social media Dawah activism for the sake of Allah swt alone, to gain good deeds, then it could become destructive for your nafs. Be careful of the online Fitna that comes with being active. Do not get obsessed with a little thump emoticon or a red square button with the word ‘subscribed’ on it. Don’t get swept away by the followers and subscribers, because this may become a source of destruction.

We need to more and more people to become dawah activists and da’wah ‘popularisers’ . There’s many online who promoting charity work, social justice, promoting courses or organisations. That’s all very well & good, but what about the da’wah? Da’wah to Non Muslims and the non practising people.

There’s a lot of nastiness, filth, and time wasting going on, online. Be they silly celebrity following or arguing over useless news. Let’s counter this narrative!

I pray that after reading this blog, you are now motivated to bring more Dawah related content on your social media and there core gain much more Barakah. Through this divine barakah, you’ll Insha’Allah dominate the social media scene.

Golden advice from the Salaf

Da’wah Blogs

When we engage in da’wah or give advice, we get passionate & we don’t exercise caution or wisdom. Advising someone is a delicate manner, so let us hear what one of the past masters of our Ummah has to say about engaging in advice/ da’wah.

Ibn ‘Abbās – Allāh be pleased with him – said, “Address the people once a week, and if you must do so more often, then twice; and if you have to do even more, then three times; and do not make people tired or bored with the Quran. Let me not find you coming to the people to exhort them and tell them stories while they are speaking amongst themselves, thus interrupting their conversation and tiring them. Instead, listen, and when they tell you, address them when they desire to listen to your speech. And beware of making your supplications rhyme, stay away from this, for I found Allāh’s Messenger – peace and praise of Allāh be upon him – and his Companions doing nothing but [staying away from this].”

In this narration, the illustrious Companion ʿAbdullāh b. ‘Abbās gives some guidelines about being wise and aware of people’s condition when teaching them and calling them to Allāh. He advised that a person should not address the people and give talks to them too often, lest they become bored or fed up of hearing the Quran. This consideration is taken from the Sunnah of the Prophet – Allāh’s praise and peace be upon him – as related by Ibn Mas’ūd.

This tradition also expresses the dislike of trying to disseminate knowledge in a way that might be detrimental to its purpose. We are discouraged from spreading knowledge to those who do not desire it or those who are not enthusiastic to receive it and interrupting people while they are speaking. We are encouraged to teach knowledge to those who express their desire for it, because all this means it is more likely that the recipient will benefit from this knowledge.

The narration also warns against the practice of trying to make du’ā (supplication) rhyme. This is because occupying oneself with putting together rhyming prayers conflicts with the state of being humble and imploring Allāh, which is how a person should be when supplicating. There is no contradiction between this disliked behavior and the fact that some of the Prophetic supplications and statements rhyme, because the Prophet never used to have to try and make them rhyme, but was effortlessly eloquent and at the same time fully humbled in front of Allāh.

Adapted from Ibn Ḥajr, Fatḥ Al-Bārī.

Al-Bukhārī, Al-Ṣaḥīḥ ‘What is hated about making supplications rhyme.’


Karachi, Pakistan is a vibrant city. It has a mix of many people, including those who are fully immersed in practising Islam and also those that are away or far from Islam. If we look at the side of those that are already “practising” then Karachi is rife full of courses, Dora e Quran, classes. These variations of sessions are either teaching tafsir, Ahadith or just general Islamic knowledge. This is great, Masha’Allah. The only issue here is. What about the million odd young women of this city who are confused about life? Engaging in Sins, no connection with their creator, addicted to fashion and materialism and the many that may have doubts about Islam and Allah? What is being catered for them? What events or effective campaigns are being undertook for them to inspire them to change their lives, submit to the creator and then attend all these courses? Well sadly, not much. Especially hardly any or none that are creative, effective, well planned and relatable. So to that attend this small team of sisters got together and used common sense. This common sense led them to plan an exciting online event for the girls that badly need inspîràtion! Through effective marketing and one to one invites, they pulled off something remarkable! A world event, masha’Allah. One of the most active members of DM sister Aisha Will now tell us how the event went. ————————————————————-📍The key to success is to focus on goals, not obstacles!
In our case the obstacle is the lockdown and Dawah is our goal! As the goal is bigger in comparison with the obstacle so we decided to get over the hurdle through an exclusive virtual event and meet our goal. The theme was makeup and fashion trends as per the interest of the audience. We invited two guests; one was a makeup artist, and the other was a designer. They shared tips while the audience (of 35 people) asked questions and put their perspectives as well. It was quite an interactive session, people were very energetic and enthusiastic. In the end a powerful, thought provoking reminder over the last 5-7 minutes was shared.
We kept it simple and informal, customised invitation cards were made to catch people’s attention and to make them feel special.

The poster to entice those who otherwise would never come to events such as these. #dawahMarketing


Southampton Dawah Training. March 2020

Southampton Dawah training

In 1912, the Titanic set sail on its doomed voyage. It was to be the marvel of the time. So much confidence was given to this man made machine that people said:

“Not even God can sink the titanic”.

This in so many ways is an extremely irrational and arrogant claim and God showed how powerful and all knowing he is when he decreed the sinking of this ship.

And so over a 110 years later, in the same city of Southampton where the Titanic was launched, a programme was arranged to discuss the ways of calling to God. In other words a Dawah training workshop was held at Southampton University.

As I drove from my town of Crawley towards Southampton, I was again Awe struck by the hills and other natural features of Surrey & Hampshire. Again, just like my previous trip to Portsmouth, I didn’t need any ‘entertainment’ but enjoyed the escapism that Dawah trips bring you.

Brothers and sisters, you need to experience this feeling! This feeling of travelling to either deliver Dawah training, or engaging in a Dawah activity. It’s a wonderful feeling. You are on the path of Allah. The same path that the best of mankind trod on many centuries ago. The path that the previous prophets, our noble messenger and the companions undertook all those thousands upon thousands of years ago! Epic feeling Subhan’Allah..

So I was honoured by my Lord SWT and on behalf of the wonderful brothers of iERA to speak to the students and possibly inspire, motivate and train them in effective engagement with the locals.

The dawah training covered themes such as the fitrah, the ‘keys’ to unlock the fitrah, Rational arguments and Oneness of God.

One feature of the training was the discussion on the Oneness of God. There is a Pseudo philosophical way of presenting this. This revolves around the discussion of:

• The argument from exclusion;

• Conceptual differentiation;

• Occam’s razor.

If anyone wants to know, I can explain this in the comments. It’s good to have a knowledge about this & more importantly express this way in a calm manner.

The brothers who asked this wanted a refutation based answer to the Question of why can’t we have more than One God? What’s wrong with it and so on.

But I insisted that we need to present tawheed more. In a detailed and profound way. Worshiping One God is far more intuitive & spiritual. It’s best to compare the beliefs and offer them an alternative as opposed to trying to refute their version of God.

This will take time. We are so used to arguing, mocking and refuting that’s we’ve forgotten or lost confidence in talking about Allah, about his infinite mercy and love, his power and glory. The way the texts have described his nature. The way our amazing scholars have described God.

This needs to be at the forefront of our dawah conversations.

After the training was over, some students approached me about being involved in da’wah projects. Not just at the University but beyond it. Most of these were sisters from different towns & cities around the U.K. this was encouraging because I am always on the look out for young people to be involved and especially sisters. I could connect them to the member of other cities and towns that I am working on and maybe even start something new and fresh. I always imagine that if I can inspire by the will of Allah swt a new person to build a team in a new location, then all the work they do for the next few years, I gain the reward. This keeps me motivated. Alhumdulilah.

2/3 sisters have contacted from various cities. Let’s see how this pans out.



Untitled Design 13Game plan!

A game plan is Initiating a Dawah scenario with well thought out and fun plans!

Before you want to approach someone that you feel needs solid dawah or advice. Sometimes we need an excuse to speak to them. We need to have a lead in or some sort of ice breaker. This is to ease the conversation and make it as less awkward as possible. So in an ideal dawah conversation scenario you have the intros, you have the meat of the conversation or the invitation to Allah swt, you have rapport building techniques and initiation. But before all that comes:

The Game Plan.

This is the art of Trying and think of a way of not only approaching someone, but how would you start? Especially when it comes to someone random, a famous person or that special someone that is not at all interested in the meaning of life.

This blog has been written in a way in which true stories that I was involved in are presented to you, the reader. The point of these stories is to not only make this blog a possibly good read, but for you to be motivated and inspired enough to actually make a game plan by yourself or as a team. It’s actually fun and enjoyable. Almost like a military strategy or a bunch of creatives planning their next mega movie! I also wrote this blog as a tribute to the great minds that engaged in profound life changing conversations. This was a very nostalgic look back at the last 20 odd years. I’ve combined story telling with my own experiences and tips for duaat and teams.

Reflect upon this, that If film makers, sports coaches staff and generals can make a Game Plan for the sake of a few gains in dunya.. then why don’t us budding duaat, make super game plans the world over, to save souls in the akhirah….

Read on.

Veranda restaurant. Lahore. 2014


“Ok, this is what we do.

We will announce that to celebrate the reversion of our brother, all drinks on the restaurant are on us! Then one of us gets up & gives a very short speech/ naseehah, what do you think of this plan boys?!”

This was the conversation that myself, Hamza Tzortzis & Imran Ibn Mansur were involved in and ‘plotting’. I was privileged to a part of this plan amongst 2 outstanding naturally talented duaat. We were at this lavish restaurant in Lahore during the famous winds of change tour. Lahore, Pakistan. 2014. What ensued was brilliant. You can watch the full video here:


Hot spot. Islamabad.2013


So this plan is yet to come into fruition and will some day soon. I recall in 2013, Br Raja Zia, the effervescent theatre producer of old times, gave an idea. He mentioned that at this particular popular spot of Islamabad you get a specific type of youth which needs specific people and a plan. This is an area in which various Islamabad youths converge. They come for dating, for music and so on. I recall we sat down and discussed: What type of clothes are we going to wear. The perfume, the cap etc. The idea was to look like ‘one of them’ as opposed to going there wearing desi clothing, with a ‘topi’ etc. We also discussed how we will we approach different groups. I think 4 specific people were chosen for this and what was discussed was where will we stand. Then slowly slowly move towards a group of youth having fun/ free mixing and then start a conversation. I remember how much depth in planning we went into, only for the sake of Allah swt and changing the world.

Kohsar market. Islamabad.John Fontain.  2015

Untitled Design 12

This is where we spotted Uzair Jaswal. The famous Pakîstàni pop star, at the popular and trendy shopping area in Islamabad: Kohsar Market. Myself, br John and Hassan were sitting around having coffee at the street 1 cafe. Hassan spotted Uzair a few tables away from us. He noted that he was about to leave. Hassan recalled that he went to the same college as him. At this, I suggested we should use that as a lead in to approach him and initiate a da’wah conversation. The game plan was thus. I call him over ( yes randomly! I think I said, hey Uzair! Salaam, long time bro! 😎😅) and although bemused, he came over towards us. Hassan then entered the scene and said, I remember you from college etc etc. We insisted he join us for coffee and he obliged. This is where we introduced our Mancunian jazz singer: John Fontain! John spoke about what instruments he used etc. We used music because Uzair was a musician! After a few minutes, I asked the question why he left music, and John went to explain how he found Islam & why he had to abandon his music career, the perils and the Fitna. Uzair listened intently and he said he’s doing some research about if Music is actually forbidden or not. Anyhow, we purposefully didn’t go to the Fiqh of it because we wanted to keep it inspirational, ie Johns story. After a while, he left and Alhumdulilah, message conveyed. The buzz was the planning before approaching Uzair, how we plotted and planned!

Musa Adnan- Atif Aslam. Lahore. 2014.

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We were sitting at the PC Hotel cafe. We here are Adnan Rashid, Hamza Tzortzis, John Fontain, Raja Zia Ul Haq, Musa Adnan and other duaat. Someone spots the famous pop singer Atif Aslam. We all get together and think of a way of initiating a conversation with Atif, without much awkwardness and smoothly. This went very well. My biggest joy was seeing world famous duaat getting together and chipping in with their ideas. There was banter and amazing insights. ”Try this bro” or ”no no, do this” and so on! The game plan worked, message delivered to this famous singer. Seed sown insha’Allah!

Southall, UK. 1990s

Southall in the 90s, and probably still is, has a nefarious back alley get together of super villains. Drugs taking was rife and the Muslim youth and elders  had become hardened criminals. I watched in fascination as brothers who were former gangsters themselves, dressed in such a way, Brought back their walking in a way & rehearsed the tone in such a way, that they be taken seriously by veteran gangsters. All this plan, the game plan worked. They impacted the guys on the streets brilliantly. The drug dealers listened Alhumdulilah

Crawley 2015. 

All I told my younger brother that you need to get all the local villains. Muslim guys, to this local community centre. Even if they were high, even if still smoking, whatever state they’re in, get them here somehow. My brother did a marvellous job. The room was packed full of all sorts of guys, some of whom who had red blood shot eyes. We had pizza and a great discussion on the purpose of life for many hours. One of the plans that ensured them coming to this event is we didn’t say this was an ‘Islamic lecture’, a talk or counselling. But FREE pizza and chit chat with an ex- rapper from London! This was one of the very rare unique events where the hall was packed full of majority non practising guys in the history of Crawley in recent times.

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Kuch khaas. Islamabad. 2014.

This used to be a very niche place in the corner of Islamabad. Diplomats, musicians and generally liberal folk used to hang there. Through a sister, we managed to secure a meeting with the management to organise a unique event. Again our enterprising brother Imran as the speaker.

So we were advised that we cannot give them typical molvi vibe otherwise they won’t allow us to have an event there. So we sat down and planned our role and how are we going to do this. The plan was thus:

I’ll go in and speak only in English, then Br Imran will enter wearing his best attire, Sharp suit jacket, Gucci shades & walk in like a celebrity! I introduce him as an ex rapper from West London on a tour in Pakistan! Do note, that he was an upcoming rapper in the music scene when away from Islam, but then Allah swt guided him and he left the music industry. Alhumdulillah.

He sat down in such an ‘arrogant little manner and took off his shades slowly when asked a question so dramatically as if it’s a scene from a movie!

All this worked! After the hour long meeting we had a right old laugh. So a little analysing about the people we are meeting combined with some creative thinking brought about a successful meeting. This enabled us to have a very fruitful event at this ‘fort of a venue’. A fabulous event took place with the room full of non practising guys and girls.


Faisalabad Gloria jeans. 2014

I am always daring & encouraging brothers and sisters to randomly approach people, outdoors and within the serene and relaxed atmosphere of cafes. So whilst on a dawah tour to the city of Faisalabad, Southern Punjab, Pakistan, the brothers requested a live demo. I obliged, never one to shy away from a challenge and a bit of showboating!

After scanning the second floor of the famous Aussie coffee chain, I saw in the corner a couple of guys who definitely needed some ‘advice’. The Game plan I conjured you was that I am new to the city and would love to know what to visit and places to see. This was the excuse to sit with them and converse.Then the second part of the plan was that my friend ( in this case the protagonist being the uber cool and indefatigable Br Zia ( Yes Raja Zia Ul Haq (of YC) can offer some good conversation and advice. And so I approached these guys and asked firmly, may I join you guys and sit? Before they consented or not, I pulled up a chair and sat down 😜. What followed was an amazing discussion on addiction including smoking. Br Zia came over when i called on him, and the whole plan worked wonderfully!



Tuaha and Mohsin. F-10 Islamabad. 2015.

The way these 2 brothers in a few minutes made that solid resolve to approach a few guys sitting a few tables from us was super inspiring.  Mohsin spotted that some of these guys are notorious gangsters. Mohsin knew of them when he wasn’t practising and after a little shura with Tuaha, he went and had a good chat for a while. This took place at an outdoor chai ‘nutella’ paratha place in F-10, Islamabad. I felt so proud that they did this, when they didn’t have to.

The beauty of planning. The joy that we are doing this not for a business plan, or earning money or anything Dunya related but for Allah resonated deeply within me. These are the unknown heroes of the Ummah.

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IBRAHIM (as) and his strategy

One of our greats prophets Ibrahim (as) also made a Game plan to get people to think. The famous story of when he knocked over and broke the idols. On the eve of a big celebration, Ibrahim knew that the townsfolk would be leaving to share a huge feast. When they had left, Ibrahim went into their temple to carry out a prophet mission: to demolish their idols, except one, the largest idol, so that he could explain to them the error of their ways.

When the townspeople returned, they were horrified. Their idols lay in ruins. They quickly remembered that Ibrahim had been encouraging them to worship Allah alone and to submit to the monotheistic faith of Ibrahim. They asked him: “are you the one who has done this?” Ibrahim said no. “This statue, the biggest of them all has done it! Ask them about it!” The townspeople replied: “You know they cannot speak!” And Ibrahim said: “Then how can you worship things that can neither speak or see. They can’t even protect themselves. Have you all lost your minds?”

The Prophet Ibrahim made a plan in his dawah as well as the example for

Mankind, Uswatul Hasana made plans in his Dawah in Makkah in the 7th century.

Musab Ibn Umair. Yathrib/Madina. 7th Century

The great sahabi was chosen for a specific  reason to be sent to Yathrib for the da’wah. The Prophet (saw) thought about this and made a plan rather than choosing any sahabah randomly. Musab had qualities that other Sahabah didn’t have. So as planned, Musab was sent to Yathrib and after a while, his Dawah was extremely successful & as a result of this paved the way for the great Hijrah!

So after reading this blog, I pray that you get together with your mates, go to a coffee shop, one of you have a paper and pen ready and have ā brainstorming session on how to approach a Muslim away from Allah or a Non Muslim.

It’s astonishing what the mind is capable of. Let human minds come together & make a super game plan to win someone’s heart for Islam and Allah.

This sitting and planning will bring our amazing ideas. When human minds come together, it can produce amazing ideas. This will be your Game Plan. The more you do this, the better plans you’ll come up!

As a structure, ideally you could try this:

Before the meat of the conversation ( Purpose of life, God, death)

comes building rapport. Before that Initiation. Before that comes the approach and then before all this THE GAME PLAN!

Jzk for reading this, I hope it has sparked some thoughts within you. Do leave a comment and ask any questions.

Happy Game Planning

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Making sense of God Blog

The poster for the talk at Portsmouth University

People are guests in our story, the same way we are guests in theirs. But we all meet each other for a reason because every person is a personal lesson waiting to be told. lauren klarfeld

The above quotes summarises my one day trip to the southern coastal town of Portsmouth.

As a volunteer for iERA, I was asked to talk about the topic entitled: Making sense of God.

It was a wonderful drive through rural England. Taking into the journey the counties of West Sussex and then Hampshire. The one of many bonuses that one receives when travelling to call people to Allah swt is the joy of observing beautiful valleys. Usually I always have a few podcasts on standby, snacks or something to pass the time by in this instance the views outside my window whilst driving on these A roads were more than enough entertainment.

Before the talk, I hung around with the ever so lively Br Yasir. I have a lot of hopes for this br, he has the potential to become a great Daee Insha’Allah. We conducted some campus da’wah at Portsmouth University library. The highlights of which were me showing brothers how stopping someone & then building quick rapport with someone is easy. So rather than doing just theory I exclaimed “let me show an example” and literally the first guy that caught my eye I called out and said something along the lines of, how are you man, listen stop for a few minutes.. and he did! 😎. My usual compliments about his jacket ( and it was a cool jacket ) we began a quick discussion, he said he was a Christian. I posited to him that in Islam, God is one, transcendent, not a part of creation at all and that if he was then he ceased to be God! From a common sense point of view. My point was to try and making him re think that Jesus is the son of God. He nodded and agreed to take a book away with him.

Alhumdulilah the young brothers who were looking on were inspired that a Muslim in the year 2020 is capable of stopping and engaging with such confidence and ease. I am forever in training and mentoring mode.

Yasir, who I mentioned earlier, although has the cheeky bubbly persona, coudnt some how transfer that persona into stalls Dawah or when approaching people. And herein lies a lesson for all duaat. Why aren’t you being yourselves? Why so formal on the da’wah stall?’ Let people see your whacky side! They want to see that Muslims are relaxed and funny.

For some reason we are different at home and with mates but in a street da’wah situation we become so serious and not ourselves. Perhaps me showing a practical example during this campus da’wah may help him and others to be themselves more.

Between the actual lecture at 6pm and campus da’wah, we went to a nearby place to eat. The third brother with us, Br Othman was a hugely enterprising brother. He said he’d been following me on social media and wanted to connect for a long time. Here I want to make the point that when you travel for Allah for one thing, other doors always open. Masha’Allah this bro has a lot of plans for Portsmouth city. Very energetic and enthusiastic. After conversing with him, this motivated me to perhaps work with this team in the near future. It’s new unexpected opportunities like this that make these trips worthwhile.

In the talk, I went through themes such as the origins of the universe & the design argument. This was as a part of showing a couple of the rational arguments one could use when it comes to discussing with atheists. I also pressed upon the ideas that this is just one means in order to awaken the truth within. I also touched upon a couple of beautiful names and attributes of Allah swt. Something we do not use enough in our conversations. Finally I spoke about some personal aspects of my relationship with God. A few anecdotes from my own life to drive home the point that this isn’t a purely academic affair.

So Alhumdulilah, A highly satisfying and productive trip to the coastal city of Portsmouth. I felt a strong vibe from this city & will be making frequent trips here in the near future Insha’Allah.

This blog & all these other blogs on this site have been written with a few purposes including providing practical tips in the dawah and general inspiration. The other aspect is for readers to build upon these blogs, take whatever you can and improve them Insha’Allah..

The next blog is the big one. THE GAME PLAN. Written in a unique manner and I hope an invigorating read!

May Allah swt accept.

Nottingham Islam Dawah Training

When you are trying to convey a point about deep confidence and deep creativity and the participants then give you that nod of approval and understanding, followed by a frantic taking of notes..

Alhumdulillah satisfying…!

Unexpectedly another brother from another city is now also inspired and determined to engage in da’wah and start a small team there! Subhana’Allah.. how Allâh SWT opens doors!!

Alhumdulillah very satisfying…!!

It was A long day with my Bro Naheem Ashraf and by the hard working and Ever so helpful Br Majid, travelling during storm Ciara to Notts and back to Sussex. Long but ultimately satisfying. I pray and make dua and I request that you, the one who reads this… makes Dua that at least some of the people that attended the training today, become regular callers to Allah swt. That they become heroes of the Ummah.. savers of lives in the hereafter by the permission of our Rabb. It may just be.. that these small actions on a windy/ rainy/ stormy Sunday, may save us from punishment in the hereafter and be a means for us to enter the Garden…!

Duas.. sincere Duas also for the Nottingham Islam Information Point team, to grow and build on their amazing for the dawah.

NottinghamIslam #Dawah #DawahTraining #Motivation #Confidence #WillPower


This blog is based upon the da’wah video ‘The Dos and Donts of da’wah’ ( 2014). Too can watch the fun style video https://youtu.be/AAiTQYtOn3E.

Invite to the path of your Lord with wisdom and good advice. (An-Nahl 16:125)

Da’wah might not be one of the five pillars of Islam but it is definitely an important duty and a lot of us do da’wah without realising it.

The question you have to ask yourself oh reader of this blog is:

Are you interested in engaging Da’wah to Islam? To Allah?

Do you have the desire to share Islam, to spread the message and educate those around you?

Do note You don’t have to be a scholar or a very eligible person in order to call people to Allah. If you have correct authentic Knowledge even if it is little because there is always room for growth and immense love for the Deen then….

you’re all set!

There are numerous ways calling to Allah swt. Including:

•One to One

•Public/addressing a gathering

•Street Da’wah

Campus da’wah.


To set up a stall- The basic you need add

1. A Table

2. Flyers /pamphlets📜

3. A pure sincere heart💚

4. A sharp mind 📌

5. A bunch of cool happy mates

To have a pure and sincere heart alongside with a sharp mind is very important in order to focus and get your priorities right and to allow yourself to carefully listen and show deep concern to their words.

So let us now discuss some basic


Rapport building, Language, tone and flow:

Try and get to know the person in. Smooth flowing way. Tell them about yourself and slip in a few open questions. But do not make it feel like an interrogation! It is not an interview, it’s a discussion. Give compliments where appropriate.

One also needs to make sure that he/she does not talk too fast and is clear. Make sure you don’t intimidate the other person or shoot them with too many questions leaving them confused. Try and talk in the native tongue of that place where the stall is set up to have better impact. Be very careful not to contradict yourself!

Being Judgemental:

One has to self check that he/she is not being judgemental. To have a negative opinion about someone is not appreciated while giving Da’wah as the mind is entitled to one’s opinion. A lot of us approach people with outlook that they are destined for the fire! Try and avoid this!

Be relevant and Connect with the person

The conversation should be a connection of hearts. If you want to reach out to a particular someone, then the person giving Da’wah should share something in common or be of the same type.

Compliments work!

Start by complimenting them or sharing a nice thought. This breaks the ice and awkwardness.

Be friendly and simple and not forceful.

Try and be informal and carry the conversation with ease making them comfortable.

When trying to invite people to your stall, do not be aggressive nor be forceful in getting the person to the table or speak to you! One of the ways to get people to come to your stall is to point something nice out from their attire or grab their attention with some thing unique, provoke curiosity.

Do not interrupt another Da’ee.

If another brother or sister is already having a conversation with another person and they may seem ‘ struggling’ then best to leave it! Don’t think that you need to rescue them!

It is the overall impact and impression made that is of utmost importance. So try and Be that caller who uses common sense to grow closer to people and influence them in the right way. Pay attention to current affairs and make use of present situations and events to relate and introduce Islam in a casual way.

Most importantly, Do not dishearten or get discouraged if you get no result because you did your Job and guidance comes from Allah.

You guide not whom you like, but Allah guides whom He wills. (Al-Qasas 28:56)


Last few weeks has been a very busy time for sisters. These sisters have been undertaking training to become effective and active in the dawah. Multan, Lahore, Karachi and beyond, have a read in their own words what’s been happening.


Let this inspire you to get involved!




Nasseha session by sister hira in her ward


Alhamdulillah I arranged a small naseeha session in my Ward class. 

I started asking my class question like what you people think is the main problem of youth these days etc 

It was overall good Alhamdulillah. 

Youth wants to learn 




Sister Saba btt begn er YC alaqahs with promotional spport of DM Lahore


When life comes up with a new challenge for you, what do you do?

Do you close yourself in a tower, and wait for your knight in shining armour to come and rescue you?

Or do you with the help of ALLAH, build yourself an armour and a sword, and rescue yourself?

Well, girl up! Now, it’s time to polish that Armor of yours, or build yourself a new one, to move out and face life head-on!

In this course “Polish My Armour” you will be trained to fight the following monsters:

Lack of confidence
Temptations and desires
Weak communication skills
And more!

How can someone ignore the ultimate purpose of life for which mankind was created ?
How can someone feel depressed when we know that Allah has blessed us with the ability to make dua?

Are there any problems left in your life after knowing that Allah is your lord?

Self love should lead you towards the divine love , towards the one who created you 






Mall dawah by Aqsa Altaf

I have experienced an amazing mall dawah last week I motivated one of my friend to join me in this activity, she joined me with one more girl then all three of us went to mall, offered Magrib Salah and then discussed our plan. We went in food court then for all the arrangements (like set some cards n all). we saw a non hijabi sister sitting with her mother, I asked her to join us as we are celebrating sisters day and having an interesting activity, she was amazed and agreed! After a little introduction we asked her to pick one card and read the message inside. We had written some short and heart whelming verses in those cards. Then we discussed that ayah and purpose of life, we exchanged contact numbers, and we also asked her to share any life lesson with us! At last she said it was nice meeting,similarly we had conversation with two other sisters who were there with their mothers. We had another conversation with a sister, she was sitting alone, waiting for someone, she asked us about our activity very curiously, I asked her as well to join us in our fun activity! After discussion we gifted her hijab pins, we were happy and she said she always wanted to have hijab but was reluctant but now she will do. Alhamdulilah it was very pleasant experience. We will go again Insha’Allah! Do you have any outdoor Dawah experience to share with us?


Get together at Sister aqsa’s place



Last weekend, we  had gathered at sister Aqsa’s place and had watched a video session together on the topic of, ‘Color Me Happy’ by Raja Zia ul Haq.

The experience was quite amazing as we were able to meet a few new sisters. We spent some quality time together and it was a productive Sunday for us. 

In sha Allah we will be continuing the same sessions in future as well and will add some interesting and creative activities in future.



Halaqah preparations by Lahore sisters


Dawah training by Farha javed



Dawah week by multan team

We Multan team are planning *Dawah week* in last week of December.
We want all DM to do the same. (If you can)
Here is plan for the week, please let me know how we can improve it further:

Day 1st : Family dawah
Day 2nd: One to one dawah (to any non practicing friend)
Day 3rd: Mall dawah
4th: Online dawah (call any two non practicing friends)
5th: Ladies park dawah
6th: Office or any institute dawah or Dawah to group of people at home
7th: invite any relative or neighbor and give dawah (casual meetup)



Dawah week Day 1


We multan team are celebrating Dawah week and Yesterday was first day of Dawah week.
Plan was to give Dawah to your family in any way, either talk to them directly for 10-15 minutes, or play a video , or give gift with some reminder or even message them powerful reminder.


Dawah week Day 2:




Today, it was 2nd day of Dawah week, theme was one-to-one Da’wah with a non practicing friend.
I invited one of my friends to a cafe, we had dinner together and I discussed with her the purpose of life in light of Surah Asar. We had fun and good time together. In end, I gifted her chocolate.

Irum had a quick chat with one of her acquaintances.
Zar talked to a friend on phone.
Fabiha had a conversation with one stranger in waiting area of a place. She talked about dawah, importance of acquiring knowledge of deen, and how Allah puts barakah and ease in life when one starts stepping towards Him.

Alhamdulillah it was a beautiful day 🌸




Dawah week day 3

Our today’s task is to utilize the technology that we are using in some productive work. Try calling a friend or two (preferably with whom you haven’t been in touch since ages) and try to have a casual conversation.
Talk about their life, how they are doing, and let them know that if they ever need help then you will always be there. Bring your connections to life today and if possible then talk about Allah, His Oneness, and His attributes as well.




Day 5


It was day 5th of Dawah week. Idea was to do random Dawah with anyone you like to do.
I had pleasant indirect Dawah experience at office, I gifted a book to my colleague and had casual discussion on life. It was good.
Sister Zahra went to her institute, And had a great Interaction with a fellow
She told her about DM upcoming live and, She showed her great interest.
And said she will definitely join live,

Yesterday was relative/ neighbour Dawah day, I had a good talk with my cousin on WhatsApp message and sister zahra had an amazing conversation with her cousin on call.
And Irum talked to her classmate and decided to have a meetup next week.





Today, we wrapped up our one week of Dawah where we tried doing multiple activities. From dawah to family to dawah to friends and neighbors, we ended this week by having a gathering at my place with the intention of random dawah with random people. 

Although the gathering wasn’t big enough, however, interestingly enough, we met two new faces in this gathering and both of them showed great interest in our work that we are doing. 

Our discussion mainly revolved around the activities that we did in the past year and what we aim to do in the next year in sha Allah!

Other than that, all of us shared our stories and the importance of Deen in today’s era. 

Alhamdulilah, as we had expected, we ended this year and the Dawah Week on a very good note. 

Hoping to start afresh from 2020 with some refined and more organized plans and activities 




Multan team January meetup


we had a meet up which was more of a treat from Aqsa’s side. BarakAllah feek, Aqsa. 


So this meet up was for core team members where we had to decide what we are going to do in the next couple of months in particular and in the entire year in general. Though, it was a private meet up session but we invited another new sister as well who came along with her friend and both of them showed great interest in what we are doing. We expect that they will become a part of our team as well in sha Allah. 

So, we started off by deciding a tagline for this year’s theme around which we will revolve our sessions and workshops in sha Allah

Tagline: We rise by uplifting others 

Other than that we have decided to have a two or three days workshop before Ramadan for general people. And to create our presence on social media by creating a separate Facebook page and group along with Instagram account etc. 

We also designated roles of each team member where Aqsa is going to lead us as a Head of the team with Zahra being the Team Coordinator of all our events, courses, sessions, and meet up plans. Hania is going to take charge of our social media accounts as a Social Media Manager in sha Allah and will handle it along with Zahra and Irum (that’s me) will be doing all the tasks related to writing as a Content Writer/Creator. Kiran will be helping us with small tasks like video editing etc. 

We have also discussed a few things about recruitment process, rules and regulations, code of conduct for all core team members, training programs for new ones etc. May Allah allow us to implement it. Aameen

This is a short update on what we did today. 

PS: Can you see these mugs in the picture? Aqsa gave these to us as a gift. Zahra and I were having the feeling of like getting an award. Like those celebrities who get it in their award shows. Like seriously, it’s like seeing DM in its physical form and it was such an exhilarating feeling





Karachi campus dawah by Aisha tariq and fahila iqbal





Assalamo alaikum DM members! Hope you all are doing well:) 
Today me, Fahila and our 2 other friends( we are giving them dawah training) went for campus dawah (at karachi University)… I must say one word cards (words like: soul, love, God) helps alot to start the conversation! We told them that we are here for some fun activity and instead sitting on the table we individually went to different groups or couples… we were easy and excited with a smiley face and did it with humor and fun (this technique made us and other people comfortable).. then gifts played bonus part, gifts of one hadith card and chocolates made them even more excited and happy.
It was an awesome experience, can’t tell our happiness in words… world’s best work is the work purely for Allah(swt) 
Jzk team DM 



We helped sister Fatima Ashraf to Launch YC Halaqah in Faislabad 

So it was first day of our halaqah and it went very good Alhamdulillah. I got very good feedback specially addition of guest speaker made it more amazing Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah after duas of one year Allah gave me a chance, yes it was not what i wanted(non-hijabi sisters was my target but all were hijabi) but I believe that these are steps to that ideal halaqah In Sha Allah Keep me in your prayers and my grandmother too as she is very ill.



❄️Christmas & the Muslim❄️

By Guest writer Ibn Muhammad Al Makki, team member of the ISLAM HOUNSLOW Dawah team.

Christmas and the Muslim

All praise is due to Allah, the One who sent the Prophet Muhammad (saw) with guidance on all things, including festivals and celebrations.

There is plenty of discussion and debate around Christmas and the following short article is designed to educate the modern reader about the origin of Christmas and how it compares with the Islamic viewpoint on festivals.

Christmas is a well established festival that is celebrated every year in more than 160 countries. Christians and non-Christians alike take part in festivities centred around the 25th of December for a variety of reasons.

Other festivals in December

Whether it is the Vainakh festival of Malkh, the Celtic Yule, the Greek Kronia, Roman Saturnalia or the Chinese Donghzi, the period around the winter solstice (22nd December) has long been celebrated around the world by people who hold pagan beliefs.

Similarly, celebrations of the birthday of a deity connected to the sun, such as the celebrations for the Egyptian deity Horus, the Persian sun deity Mitra, and the Roman Sol Invictus are often celebrated on or around the 25th of December.

It is known that the Saturnalia festival in honour of the planet Saturn was extremely popular in Roman times (200BCE to 200CE). Elaborate rituals were performed during this festival, and many Christians are believed to have taken part.

Early Christianity

As late as 200 years after the supposed death of Prophet Jesus (as), the Christians were recorded as not celebrating his birth.

This shows that even though early Christians had a lot of reverence for Jesus (as) they didn’t choose to express their devotion by way of celebrating his birthday. However, it is known that Christians lived side by side with Pagans for centuries in the absence of a sunnah which they themselves chose to abolish at the behest of Paul of Tarsus. It is natural therefore that at some point they would have looked to Pagans to establish a rhythm, much like the Muslims have around the two Eids, Ramadan, As-Shura and the fasts of various months. Unsurprisingly the Christians festivals followed. They started to engage in calculations based in astrology to establish certain dates, like the birthday of Jesus (as). Gradually, birthdays would become more significant and festivals would mark the occasions.

We know that this process of attaching significance to a birthday must have taken at least 200 years since historically there is a refutation of the practice by the early Church fathers. In circa 245CE the Church father Origen wrote in his explanation of Leviticus that the very concept of celebrating the birthday of Jesus (as) was sinful ‘as if he were a King Pharaoh.’ Origen is further reported by the Catholic encyclopaedia to have said that “of all the holy people in the Scriptures, no one is recorded to have kept a feast or held a great banquet on his birthday. It is only sinners like Pharaoh and Herod who make great rejoicings over the day on which they were born into this world.” (Origen in his Homily to the Leviticus. VIII in Migne P.G., XII, 4950).

Calculating Christmas – choosing the date

Due to the notorious incongruity of biblical record keeping, many dates for the birth of Jesus (as) were proposed. The Catholic encyclopaedia records on the authority of Church father Lupi that there is no month in the year where respectable Christian authorities have not assigned the birth of Jesus (as). The Bible has no clear date for the birth of Jesus (as) and so there were many methods employed to calculate the birthday of Jesus (as). One such method was based on the assumption that Jesus (as) was conceived and crucified on the same day. This was widely believed by Christians, and the Gospel made indications as to the date of the crucifixion.

Early Christians took the dates of crucifixion in the Gospel of John and others, and them added nine months to arrive at a date. Due to the conflicting nature of biblical sources however, no clear date could be agreed on and different churches based in different regions celebrated Christmas on different days i.e. 25th of December, 6th of January and 20th of March etc. Over the years for reasons not completely understood, the date of 25th of December came out on top. It is likely that the already popular celebration of Saturnalia contributed to Christmas being on the 25th of December as the festival was celebrated around the same time.

Most people believe that Christians picked the festivals of Sol Invictus and/or Saturnalia and rebranded them into Christian traditions. This explanation, although partly true, is an oversimplification and has little historical evidence to support it. The earliest record of Christmas being celebrated was around 202CE, however the first official declaration of the festival of Sol Invictus was 274CE under the rule of Emperor Aurelian. Considering that Christmas predates the festival of Sol Invictus it is likely that the Pagans copied their festivals from the Christians. As Muslims we must be careful to not misrepresent the religions of others lest they do the same with ours.

Christmas – Christian festival, Pagan festivities

Apart from choosing the date of Christmas, the festival is riddled with Pagan rituals and symbolism. Providing an exhaustive list of Pagan symbolism is beyond the scope of this introductory article, however it is sufficient to say that everything from Santa Claus, who bears a resemblance to the norse deity Odin and could either represent Odin or a benevolent magician serving the people with his magic during the winter months, to the use of astrology with the symbolism of the guiding star and the three Kings is Pagan in origin. Even the Yule log is representative of ritual fire which is burned by Hindus and Pagans during festivals. Furthermore, mistletoe and Christmas trees are essentially taweezes (amulets which are believed to ward off evil or grant a blessing).

Such behaviour and practices go against biblical teaching as stated in Jeremiah 10:3 and 4: “… for the customs of the peoples are false. A tree from the forest is cut down, and worked with an axe by the hands of a craftsman. Men deck it with silver and gold; they fasten it with a hammer and nails so that it cannot move…”

There is some debate as to whether this biblical verse speaks specifically about a Christmas tree, but there is no denying that the decoration of a tree for religious purposes is not a Christian concept.

The gift of the two Eids

Consider the below Hadith

Anas ibn Malik reported: The Messenger of Allah (saw), arrived in Madinah during two days in which they were celebrating. The Prophet (saw) said “What are these two days?” They said “we would celebrate these two days in the time of ignorance.” The Prophet (saw) said, “Verily, Allah has replaced these two days with two better days: Eid Al-Adha and Eid Al-Fitr.”

Sunan Abi Dawud 1134. Grade: Sahih according to Al-Abani and Arnaa’ut.

When we look into the festival of Christmas we can really see the sad state of the Christians. It is one thing to picture Christmas as a festival derived from Pagan routes, but it is completely another to see that the Christians chose it by themselves and that Jesus (as) and/or the Bible had no influence in choosing the festival. The very person they claim to love did not tell them to do what they do to honour him.

Furthermore, it hurts to consider that the Christians didn’t even have a festival to communally celebrate their relationship with Allah! Instead they had to make one up and took inspiration from astrology, paganism and sheer guess work! How lost would I feel if I were to be following such a lost religion. Without doubt I would want to know the best way to please Allah both in belief and actions.

How blessed are Muslims that we were told exactly how many festivals to celebrate, when to celebrate them, how to go about celebrating them/not celebrating them and what not to celebrate i.e. Christmas, Diwali, the birthday of the Prophet (Sallalaahualaihiwasallam) etc. In this way our celebrations were not void of a relationship with Allah.

It’s a shame to see some Muslims get sucked into the hype that goes with Christmas and start to engage in a festival that was chosen with no divine revelation, yet not make more effort at a festival that was chosen by Allah. In doing so, do we not leave what Allah chose and choose to celebrate that which Allah did not encourage us to choose? Like it or not, it seems pretty clear that we have chosen to leave the people who follow Allah’s guidance for these poor lost souls who have created this Frankenstein monster which they claim represents their love for who they call the ‘son’ of God.

May Allah protect us all from such misguidance and make us appreciate the Sunnah more so we may safeguard his religion on earth and benefit ourselves and others from it. Ameen.

Your brother in Islam

ibn Muhammad al-Makki

24th December 2019

27 Rabi’ at-Thani 1441

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Motivation, Incentives & Rewards of Da’wah.



There are actually a million reasons why one should get involved in da’wah work. In an age where there is a certain stigma attached to it or it has become unfashionable, here are some brief points for us to ponder upon and become involved in this noble work.

1. Giving dawah is about being a human being.

● Imagine you find yourself and all of your friends and family in a labyrinth. You are all frantically trying to escape this because the labyrinth has been set on fire. You somehow find the map to escape safely. You immediately make your way out, but you do not tell your friends and family to follow you. You don’t give them the directions. Eventually the whole
labyrinth burns down, and your friends and family are gone forever & ever!
● How do you feel?
● Is your lack of action selfish? Evil? Inhumane?!

2. It develops empathy – a prophetic trait.

● Having empathy does not mean agreeing with people. Rather, it means having the ability to enter into another’s personality and imaginatively experiencing his or her emotions. As Muslims, we must be empathic. If we do not give dawah, we lack this virtuous trait.

● Those who deny Allah and reject Him have chosen the path to the fire. Allah does not want people to go to hell. However, it is we who choose to deny His mercy and guidance. Thus, placing ourselves on the path of spiritual destruction. Think about the reality of hell. If you had empathy, you would not want anyone to go there.

“Surely! Those who disbelieved in
Our Ayat (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.) we shall burn
them in Fire. As often as their skins are roasted through, we shall change them for
other skins that they may taste the punishment. Truly, Allah is ever Most Powerful,
AllWise.” (4:56)

● The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “Among the inmates of Hell will be a person who had led a very luxurious life in this world and will be brought on the Day of Judgement and dipped in the Hellfire, he will then be asked: ‘O son of Adam! Did you ever experience any comfort? Did you (ever) happen to have any luxury?’ He will reply: ‘I swear by Allah, no my Lord.’ Then, another person, who had experienced extreme misery in the life of this world, will be dipped in Paradise. He will then be asked: ‘O son of Adam! Did you ever experience any misery? Did you ever encounter difficulty?’ He will reply: ‘I swear by
Allah, no my Lord, I neither experienced misery nor passed through hardship.’” (Muslim)

● The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) had so much empathy for others and he did not want to see people going to Hellfire!

The likeness of me and you is that of a
man who lit a fire and grasshoppers and moths started falling into it, and he tried to push
them away. I am seizing your waistbands and trying to pull you away from the Fire but you
are trying to get away from me.” (Muslim).

● In fact, he has so much empathy that his emotional response to people rejecting the
message almost killed him with grief! Allah says: “It may be that you are going to kill
yourself with grief, that they do not become believers.” (26:3)

3.Those who give dawah are the best of people.

● Allah describes those who give dawah as being the best in speech 🗣

“And who is better in
speech than one who invites to Allah and does righteousness and says: ‘I am one of
the Muslims.’” (41:33)

4. The rewards are immense 💰

● The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said:

“Whoever guides [another] to a good
deed will get a reward similar to the one who performs it.” (Muslim)

● The Prophet (peace be upon him) said:

“By Allah, if Allah were to guide one man through
you it would be better for you than the best type of camels.”(Bukhari and Muslim)

The equivalent today would be an expensive sports car as the ‘camels’ of today!

5. Giving dawah is self-defining

● The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “You will not truly believe until you love for your brother (akhikhi) what you love for yourself.” (Bukhari)

● The great clàssical Scholar Imam An-Nawawi said “This is interpreted as brotherhood in general, such that it includes the disbeliever and the Muslim. So, he should love for his brother, the disbeliever, what he loves for himself which is his entering Islam, just as he should love for his brother Muslim
that he remains in Islam. For this reason, it is recommended to supplicate for the
disbeliever to be guided. The meaning of love here is an intention for good and benefit, and this meaning is religious love, not human love.” (Sharḥ al-Arba’īn 13)

● Therefore, if we want to elevate our imaan, we have to give the thing that we love to other people. If we love Allah and the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) the most, then we should give this love to humanity. In this light, giving dawah is spreading love!

6. Giving dawah gives us life!

Do you not to have that sought after feeling of being alive! Feeling alive!

● Allah says “O you who have believed, respond to Allah and to the Messenger when he
calls you to that which gives you life.” (8:24)

● Imam Bukhari said that responding to the call is responding to all that is good. Dawah is the peak of goodness, because you are commanding tawheed and forbidding shirk. If we do not
respond to this call, are we “dead”?

7. You cannot connect with the Quran properly if you do not give dawah

Around one third of the Qur’an is the stories of the Prophets. Their stories are based on one
theme: dawah.
● Allah says: “And We did not send any Messenger before you (O Muhammad) but We
revealed to him (saying): ‘none has the right to be worshipped but I, so worship Me.
(21:25) and [We sent] messengers as bringers of good tidings and warner so that
mankind will have no argument against Allah after the messengers. And ever is Allah
Exalted in Might and Wise.” (4:165)

● If we read through the Quran, we can find this in many places. Study the lives of the Prophets and you will clearly see that they were all calling to the worship of one God.

Finally, being involved in da’wah gives you an amazing focus in life. It’s liberating and a permanent feel good factor.

Adapted & edited from the iERA Dawah training course. 2017.

The Prophet (saw) giving dawah to a Christian.

Here is a small conversation that took place between our noble messenger of Allah (saw) & Adi Ibn Hatim.

(Translated and adapted from Sheikh Muhammad Ash-Shanqiti’s Manhaj Ar-Rasul Fi Da`wat Ahl Al-Kitab)


They have taken their scholars and monks as lords besides Allah… 

(At-Tawbah 9:31)

Imam Ahmad narrated on the authority of `Adi, “I came to the house of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and he said,: “O `Adi, accept Islam and you will be safe!” I replied, “I already have a religion.”

The Prophet said, “I know more about religion than you do.” I said, “You know more about my religion than I do?” The Prophet said, “Yes, are not you from the Rukusiyyah (a sub-sect within Christianity and Sabeans)? And when you go to war, do you not share one quarter of your people’s booties?” I said, “Yes.” The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “I know what is preventing you from accepting Islam.

You think that the only people to follow this religion are the oppressed people who have no strength: the Arabs have discarded them. O ‘Adi! Have you heard of Al-Hira (a city in ‘Iraq)?” I said, “I have not seen it, but I have heard of it?” After that, the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “I swear by the One Who has my soul in His Hand, Allah will complete this affair, until a woman travels from Al-Hira to make circumambulation around the Ka`bah, without fearing anyone, and the treasures of Kisra ibn Hurmuz will be seized.” I said, “The treasures of Kisra ibn Hurmuz?” The Prophet said, “Yes, Kisra ibn Hurmuz, and money will be spent until none would accept it.” (Ahmad)

Highly interesting dawah experience!

Untitled Design 10I didn’t want to share this conversation as sometimes we need to just keep some work ‘hidden’.

But on second thoughts, this small experience gave me such a good feeling and gratitude towards Allah سبحانه وتعالى How he favours me and is looking after me, that I just wanted to share it with the world. And also, it may as always inspire people to get involved.

I was asked to meet a couple of people-

A Pakistani non practising brother and an English Non Muslim lady. Both studying medicine in London.

I was informed that this young lady had questions about Islam and was looking into accepting it. We met at a cafe in my town & spoke for over an hour & a half.

This was an interesting experience because I was also answering and giving DA’WAH to the Muslim brother advising him to practise Islam and answering and conveying the rational foundations of Islam to the woman. What ensued was the answers I was giving to the woman were making more of an impact upon the brother and the answers I was giving to the brother brought about positive responses from the woman.

With the brother it was about the state of our hearts. How weak we are, we rush our salaah, we don’t know Allah سبحانه وتعالى & generally the spiritual reasons behind our rituals.

This discussion brought a lot of interest from the lady, more than the brother.

And with the woman it was about existence of a creator and Prophet Muhammad ,

The woman said she was unsure about God, so I went through some basic rational arguments and also discussed the concept of the fitrah with her, to which she had no major objections but the brother seemed very happy to hear about all this.

So after this was over I was, I reflected over this and what had happened was that I was giving dawah to a Muslim and a Non Muslim at the same time! So it can be done! And secondly, as we understand from our theology, the primordial state of the human being, the FITRAH, can be unclouded and triggered through various ways! And not just through rationality and logic.

I truly love Allahسبحانه وتعالى who blesses me with these experiences. I am eternally thankful to my Lord who always gives me an opportunity to talk about Him! It’s even more inspiring because my town is dead when it comes to active collective DAWAH! But Allahسبحانه وتعالى keeps me busy in all sorts of DAWAH projects and they come about from unknown sources and avenues.


Please make dua for these two that Allah opens their heart’s and guides them &  Allah سبحانه وتعالى accept my efforts. Untitled Design 10

ONE TO ONE DAWAH :- Beyond lectures, workshops, talks and events.




Beyond lectures, workshops, talks and events.

One good conversation can shift the direction of change forever.

Linda Lambert

“The religion is nasihah.” The people asked, “To whom?” The Prophet  replied, “To Allah and to His Book and to His Messenger and to the leaders of the Muslims and the common folk.”

[Collected by Bukhari and Muslim]

The need for the one to one interaction:

 So I have this habit of asking anyone & everyone this now classic question,

How’s the da’wah? 

The answers are usually this:

  • I am sharing posts daily on FB
  • My insta stories go out twice a day!
  • The isoc is planning new stuff soon
  • We are organising an event soon at our institute Insha’Allah
  • I argued with atheists and Christians in various online groups..
  • I told someone that this is haram/ don’t do that.

Ok, These are rewardable actions and I pray that you earn from this.

But to change the world, to emulate the Sunnah, to make an impact around us we need to add an extremely important armour to our work.

One to one da’wah / naseehah/ conversations.

‘Uncle ji factor’.. .missing

I recall that back in the 90s, in Urban Britain. In a typical British town local shops area, if any young Muslim youth were seen to be smoking or meeting a girl or getting up to no good! Then there was always an uncle ji that had a go at them! Tell them off and then out of shame and respect the youth would avoid doing something like this in public!

Not the best way to enjoin good and forbid evil but at least it was something, But fast forward decades later, where have all those uncles and elders gone?! Now it’s open season in many town centres and cities everywhere, the elders are walking past the youth and not saying anything! Not engaging in even try to give naseehah or advice!

I think this blog was a long time coming. This blog is an appeal to all those involved in all sorts of da’wah projects. Whether they help in arranging courses of all sizes, or one day workshops, lectures, events and seminars.

We have all become event coordinators/ TICKET PROMOTERS

Untitled Design 7

Yes, if there’s an event which will have amazing speakers conduct a workshop or a lecture, we should promote it as much as we can. But what i have noticed is that EVERYONE IS ONLY doing this – sharing posters. What about actual conversations with non muslims or non practising youth? why have we forgotten to open our mouth? Sharing what we know with them.

Dawah everywhere. 

Untitled Design 6

Have the mindset that you will engage in deep meaningful one to one da’wah or naseehah everywhere you go and not wait for the next stall or collective activity.

Keep this up. Continue the great work. But when you are at these events. If you see someone who you may think needs da’wah or naseehah, then approach them.

Introduce yourself! If struggling with what to say or you feel ‘awkward’ then start with a simple- How did you find the event? Any feedback? Then introduce yourself, ask open questions, look genuinely interested in their life just as someone at an interview would be!

Da’wah at all times.

There are times and situations when initiating a dawah conversation may not be appropriate, i get that. Either it was a brief encounter with someone- for instance, at the mall, receptionist, shopkeeper and countless other every day examples. But where the conversation has moved on from niceties, where there’s a situation when you are going to be with this person for a few hours or half a day, perhaps ask them a question. ICE BREAKING da’wah questions have been discussed before, but there’s always usually a situation when an opportunity arises. Seize and build upon this opportunity just as a fisherman would be delighted at finding a huge swathe of fishes whilst sitting patiently for many hours! If you continue doing this, or at least bank this idea in your mind somewhere to create a dawah conversation, for days, weeks and months, you’ll see so many situations open up. Always be on standby for dawah, until your breath on earth.

Where are those people?! 

I had the privilege of being around confident brothers who whenever and wherever we used to go, we engaged in some sort of DA’WAH conversation or gave naseehah. Be it the chicken shop, the guy behind the counter or fellow customers, be it on the underground tube trains, be it at someone’s dinner invite or get together. After some light small talk, always link the discussion to the purpose of life. Always!

I have seen brothers do this a lot in the late 90’s in my town of Crawley & London and then in Islamabad in the past 2010 eras. But not elsewhere, Why is that?

Why not consider the following hadith as an incentive:

The Prophet was also reported to have said: “Whoever hides knowledge by which Allah benefits people in their affairs of religion, Allah will bridle him on the Day of Resurrection with a bridle from the Hellfire.” (Ibn Majah)

Become known as the giver of naseehah 


If you have built your mindset to always think about starting a conversation about the origins of the universe or about the corruption of our hearts then this will lead to a life times habit of engaging in powerful dawah and naseehah. So much so, that people will become to know you as oh..fulan flan..the one who always makes you think? and espouses beautiful naseehah? oh yes, i know him/her.

This should be reputation vision. Be known to always impart beautiful words.

Always call to Allah SWT 

When you die, people remember you not as the Gold medalist student, the one who became a motivational speaker, a scientist an author or even someone who owns a land of land and estate! But better than this, would you not like to be fondly remembered as the dais. If you’re name is Javed, saeed, Muhammad, Saira, Hoda or Janet, be known as Janet?! oh the sister that used to engage in dawah? or Muhammad the brilliant hard working caller to Allah?! That’s the legacy you should leave, the legacy of the saver of lives in the akhirah…with the permission of Allah SWT, The one who always called to Allah

Taxi/ Uber/ Careem.

Untitled Design 9

They are usually very chatty and are always looking for a chat, so spark up something! The “ world is such a mess, the Govt doesn’t care ..” line gets them going. Once you’ve indulged in this topic for a while, bring it back to our own emaan, our graves, Tawheed, our worship, our diseased ridden hearts..


Dinner with guests

Untitled Design 8

During Dinner with the  guests…i mean, think about it..how much silly small talk can one do!? After explaining to Uncle ji, what you’ve studied and how much you earn or to aunty ji, all the marriage related talk, what then? why not through charm and craft, take the conversation to a higher level? literally into the heavens, the universe and lead them towards thinking about the Throne of Allah swt! Above everything!

At Weddings.

Find someone At a wedding and open a profound dawah conversation there. Why not?! what will you lose? will you be thrown out of the wedding because you’ve begun a light hearted chat about man, life and universe?! Of course not, people are always looking for an interesting conversation, so even at a setting like this, they could become inspired.

Funeral: ideal place.

Why not At funerals? Have you not noticed that after the initial ‘duas’ and ‘afsos’ , people resort to worldly talk! When really this is prime time to discuss death and afterlife! The discussion on death, the punishments of the grave is far more beneficial than vain small talk!


Online engagement

Rather than always commenting on various public figures pages and risk becoming an annoying troll, who is always complaining and ranting, why don’t you try engaging people in the inbox? comments debates and arguments are almost totally a waste of time. An online comments battle is akin to two people falling down a deep dark well..and rather than trying to team up and work out how to save themselves from their predicament, they are still arguing viciously! What a tragic waste of time and life!

University/ college/ school.

Untitled Design 5

Ok so you’re not allowed to have an Islamic society or arrange events. Fine.So is that it? The DAWAH stops? No..

Do you not meet and greet fellow students, Do you not talk to each other, Do you not have ‘gup shup’ & communicate, In the corridors, the canteen, at the gates or the lawn?! Of course you do! So now in a subtle manner, espouse beautiful advice and bring about discussion about the purpose of life and discussing existentialist topics.

Recruiting for Allah

Other than always starting a dawah conversation with other humans, you could also add another ‘dawah tool to your ‘armour’. That is to recruit for Allah! What i mean here is that always ask people if they are involved in any kind of dawah project? this gets people curious and then you could excitingly talk to them about iERA, YC..DM perhaps! Everyone could play  role in the dawah. Always be on the lookout for someone with a particular skill that could strengthen our campaign. the campaign of calling people to the worship of Allah, the campaign of saving humanity from the deep burning fire that is raging and waiting for us! There are in this world, headhunters for tech companies and startups, but what about ‘dawah startups’?! There is deep blessings in this work! oUR OBJECTIVE is the pleasure of ALLAH, TO SEEK HIS FACE..but the amazing spin offs and bonuses are that our own life in this world gets a facelift! it will improve! This has happened to me and many others i know! so don’t just call to Allah but encourage calling to Allah! Have a one to one conversation with someone over coffee and present this amazing job, which has nobility in abundance.

Imagine we all did this. The Ummah!

If everyone gave everyone else najeebah, sincere advice, with warmth, intelligence and wisdom, would you not think that perhaps this may lead to removal of corruption within the hearts?! and if that happens, then we may have more principled people in the world. Good, strong upright , just principled men and women, some of whom may become future leaders of countries or CEO’s of multinational companies.

IMG_7258There’s a short video that accompanies this blog. Do have a watch after you’ve read this.


One To Dawah Video

Jzk khayr.

Fun, Love, Money.. Or is there more to life?

Youth Club Blog


By Nadeem Ashraf

NOTE: This article was based upon a few lectures that I gave at some schools in Faisalabad, including LGS, City School & Educare Academy. The article has purposefully been published in a lecture format so as to be of use to other brothers and sisters that would like to deliver a lecture at a school based upon this.

I’m not a preacher. Not a scholar. Not an imam, just your everyday guy. Just another Muslim struggling through this life to achieve the pleasure of our Creator.

I am an English language teacher by profession. Born and raised in England, I emigrated to Pakistan in 2011, to live amongst the Muslims (this is the point where people raise eyebrows – crazy eh?). Yes: to those who view the world from a worldly point of view, this choice would be perceived as crazy. However, those with real vision, those…

View original post 1,555 more words

Formula for success!

Da’wah tip ⭐️

( THE OBJECTION) Brother I’d love to get involved in da’wah, it sounds good, BUT.. I have no time. I am

Busy in so many groups, projects, working, studying, exams, family and so on, I have no 🕰 TIME 🕰 to commit and get involved ..”

(THE REPLY) It actually works , try it! If you sacrifice some time for calling to Allah swt.. Allah swt will create time for you!

🕋 …Lo! Allah is Able to do all things…🕋

Quran. Surah Baqarah.

Not only will Allah swt make the time for you but you’ll see the barakah flow into all of your other worldly chores and projects! That’s the secret! That’s the formula for success!

Give it a go!

May Allah swt forgive me for sounding arrogant and this not at all my point.

Dear reader of this blog.

How can I make you understand…

How can I convince you..

How can I persuade and motivate you that..

If you’d like to become an effective Daee. An outstanding Daee. Someone who can inspire positive change with the will of Allah swt..


make your life easier. Make your life smoother, gain barakah ..

Barakah in your studies, in your courses, in your exams, in your finances, in your family, over coming depression and everthing in life..

Then.. simple formula..





Why? Because the tips and knowledge in this are from iERA.. from Youth Club and from 20 + years of da’wah experience! Allah swt has truly honoured me of being amongst the best in the world..

So .. again.. wanna enjoy a peaceful happy life? Wanna gain massive rewards?

Then engage in da’wah by using tips from the DM resources! It’s time to step up!!

Learn.. share.. learn .. implement.. learn .. engage..


Multan early Autumn meet up!

The sisters from Multan have been getting motivation and tips from DM. This small team has been very active and this is their latest activity Masha’Allah. Read what one active senior member has to say about this:

Assalam u Alaikum!

Today we had our second meet-up session where we heard the second half of the lecture, ‘Blind Faith’ and did a discussion thereafter. After discussion, we did an activity where we had prepared some questions on chits which were both funny and serious and asked our audience to choose a chit and then select someone of their choice from the participants to ask the question. People really enjoyed this activity and everyone instantly got comfortable after this activity. We still kept discussing different things and topics even after the activity.

For us, it was amongst one of the best experiences since we were able to have a proper conversation with everyone today.

In sha Allah we will be arranging such a session once every month from now on where people can learn and have fun together.

Link to the lecture mentioned ( Urdu/ English)


Musab Ibn Umayr- Caller to Islam


The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and his companions (peace be upon them all) stayed in Makkah for another ten years inviting people to Islam but they remained hostile. The future looked bleak but the Muslims never gave up. Then the opportunity came for the message of Islam to spread in a place called Yathrib which was later called Madinah. For the honored task of being the first ambassador of Islam, Mus`ab was chosen, above older people and those who were closely related to the Prophet himself (peace be upon him). Why was this young man chosen? He was chosen for his noble pious character, fine manners, and sharp intelligence. He was also able to recite the Qur’an beautifully and movingly and he had a lot of knowledge of Islam. He was perfect for the job.

Mus`ab (may Allah be pleased with him) knew this was a very sacred mission he was being called to do. He knew that he was inviting people to Allah and His prophet (peace be upon him) and that this city would be the base for the young and struggling Muslim community. Once in Madinah,

he used to go to the people in their houses and gatherings and speak to them about Islam reciting the Qur’an to them.

Many people accepted Islam. Although this pleased Mus`ab, it greatly displeased the leaders of Madinah.

The first ambassador of the Prophet (peace be upon him) was extremely successful.

One time when Mus`ab was sitting with a group of people under a tree, one of the notables of Madinah approached, brandishing a spear. Mus`ab said to the group, ‘If he sits down, I’ll speak to him.’ The man threatened Mus`ab and warned him to leave the city and leave them all alone. Mus`ab smiled warmly and invited him to sit down and hear what he had to say. He added that if the man liked what he said he could accept it and if he didn’t like it, he would leave and not bother him again. The man agreed. He sat down and listened. Mus`ab did not compel him to do anything; he didn’t ridicule him or argue with him. Mus`ab simply recited the Qur’an and explained the simply and beautiful message of Islam. The man’s face changed and became radiant. It was clear that faith had entered his heart. He accepted Islam. More and more people accepted Islam at the hands of Mus`ab, through the mercy of Allah the Almighty. The first ambassador of the Prophet (peace be upon him) was extremely successful.

Local park da’wah!

Sister Shysta from the nearby town of Redhill had organised a community event in a local park. She invited the local council ( including the mayor) and churches to come and put up various stalls.

The sister found out that we do a da’wah stall in Crawley so invited us to hold a stall, giving out flyers and removing misconceptions for the sake of community spirit.

So myself, my son and another bro held this stall in this tiny park between a whole estate. Very unique place to have an open air event. I actually appreciate the organisers that they were creative enough to organise this within a living community where they could engage with wayward youth involved in petty crime.

The highlights of my day were:

Anand the Buddhist.


Anand approached the stall, inspecting the various booklets on display. The ‘Love of God’ & ‘Forbidden prophecies’ caught his eye. After establishing niceties where he informed me he’s from Mumbai and is no working here locally, we engaged in a conversation. He informed me that he doesn’t believe in a God, but ‘good things’ , ‘humanity’ and general spirituality. I latched onto the word spirituality and as many times before, I discussed the concept of purifying the soul in Islam & that Islam is so much more than haram and halal.

Anand was a polite guy and listened carefully. When it came to existential questions, I requested that let’s put all religions, text, beliefs aside and discuss using common sense. He agreed. So I discussed the origins of the universe argument. He agreed it all made sense. So I announced earnestly, Anand! You actually believe in a creator! Anand, taken aback a little, protested, no no, I worship knowledge and teachings of Buddha. I retorted, but who created knowledge? The mind?.. and again the Universe?!

At this point I realised a general point in the dawah. That people agree when you break everything down, but when it is made clear to them, they will still protest… and cling on to their belief. This is how us humans are, we will let our beliefs blind us from the obvious truth. So this is where us duaat need to empower people and tell them that they are sincere and compliment them, in this case that Anand took out the time to come to an obviously looking Muslim stall! Especially in an age of ultra right wing Hinduism campaigns against Muslims, Kashmir and all that! He even said that Modi is evil! Again implying that he’s a nice genuine guy! But this niceness needs to be added to common sense and accept if something is made obvious to them. In this case a creator of the universe.

When pressed, he said the Universe made itself. This is when I showed him the folly of this point & he finally nodded that it doesn’t make sense. Alhumdulillah.

He then wanted to get away from this topic ( this is usual in street da’wah) and actually narrated ahadith about the compassionate nature of the Prophet Muhammad (saw). I again, appreciated his stance that his guru taught him that and then explained to him that let’s build on that. This is where I explained to him the prophetic truth. He listened and now seemed much more quite. I ended with pointing him to the direction of his research. To study the life of Muhammad (saw) and then look at what the eminent Non Muslim historians and biographers of the Prophet have said about him (saw). People like Montgomery Watt, William Draper, Edward Gibbon and the likes.

He took away a lot of the books and I make Du’a that Allah swt guides him.

Nasheed da’wah

The other highlight was when the main host of the event, who was blasting out loud music all day announced that if anyone has requests for music then come and tell us. I suggested to my son that this is a great opportunity to give da’wah through nasheeds!

So the nasheed we chose was the Muslim Belal/ Omar Esaa/ Kemal Saleh cover of ‘where is the love’. This was made in response to the horror of the Christchurch attack and to show the people of Redhill that Islam condemns mindless violence. As this was playing, a saw a few heads nodding and listening to the lyrics! 🙂

Alhumdulilah, I’m thankful to the sister who invited me and the great little initiative she took to get an Islamic stall in amongst 4 other church stalls and other food stalls! May Allah swt accept our efforts.

راز بے نقاب

‘دعوة موٹیویشن(ڈی ایم) ہی کیوں؟‎ ‘
یہ وہ نام تھا جو میں نے چنا کیونکہ مجھے یقین تھا کہ دنیا میں کسی اور چیز کی نسبت سب سے زیادہ کمی ایکٹو دعوة‎ میں ھو رہی ھے اس لیے میں نے دعوة‎ موٹیویشن کو چنا. کیونکہ ہمیشہ یہی میری مرکزی توجہ اور شوق تھا.
الحمدللہ دنیا میں کئی دعوة‎ تنظیمیں، دعوة‎بلاگز، دعوة‎یوٹیوب چینلز، دعاة، سوشل میڈیا پروفائلز، اور پیجز ھیں.
اس لمبی لسٹ میں شامل ھونے کے بجائے میں نے اور میری دوست ٹیم نے ارادہ کیا کہ ھم دعوة‎ کی دنیا میں نیا اور (پر امید طور پر) حقیقی مواد پیش کریں.
قرآن و سنت اور مستند عالمین کی راہنمائی کو استعمال کرتے ھوئے یہ وہ چیز تھی جس پر میں نے گرفت حاصل کی. یہ سارا مواد ایک ایسی چیز ھے جو میں نے محض اس لیے بنایا کہ یہ اکیسویں صدی سے زیادہ سے زیادہ مطابقت رکھ سکے.
یہ چند FAQs ھیں جو انفرادی طور پر میری دعوة‎ کی فلاسفی ھیں.
اس فہرست میں میرے جذبات، میرے تجربات، میں نے جو کچھ سیکھا، میں کس چیز میں اچھا ھوں، اور میری مہارتیں، جو میں نے سالوں میں سیکھا، ان سب کو یکجا کیا گیا ھے.
موٹیویشن اورتلاش■
میں ایک با صلاحیت اسلام کے داعی پر نظر رکھنے میں بہت پرجوش تھا. بلاشبہ اللہ کا کوئی بھی غلام اللہ کی طرف بلانے والا بن سکتا ھے.لیکن میں چاہتا تھا کہ کسی ایسے انسان کو تلاش کروں جس میں چند خصوصیات بھی ھوں.
اس لیے زیادہ تر بلاگز، ویڈیوز، سٹیسس، اور پوسٹس اسی مقصد کے گرد گردش کرتے ھیں. جو لوگوں کو متجسس اور دعوة‎ کیلئے محرک بناتے ھیں اور پھر ان آن لائن بھائیوں اور بہنوں تک پہنچتے ھیں. تصوراً مجھے ھمیشہ کسی بہت پرجوش، زندہ دل، پر اعتماد انسان کی تلاش رھی جس کے پاس وقت ھو اور وہ نیٹ ورکنگ میں بہتر ھو لیکن یہ تصورات ھیں! اس لئے اگر آپ کو حوصلہ افزائی یا محرک کی ضرورت ھو تو رابطہ کریں.

 دعوة‎ نیٹ ورکنگ
الحمدللہ انٹرنیٹ اور سوشل میڈیا سے قبل میں نے کئی سالوں تک کامیابی سے لوگوں سے رابطہ کیا.میرے پاس لوگوں کو اسلامی تنظیم سے جوڑنے یا طالب علم کو استاد سے جوڑنے کا ہمیشہ طریقہ ھوتا تھا. پھر جب انٹرنیٹ(فیس بک اور واٹس ایپ) کے ذریعے نیٹ ورکنگ ایک دوسرے درجے تک لے جائی گئی تھی میں نے بھی اپنی نیٹ ورکنگ صلاحیتوں کو بڑھا لیا اور یہی وجہ ھے کہ اللہ(سبحانہ و تعالی) کے فضل سے، بشمول شہروں اور قصبوں، میں نے کئی شعبہ جات کی ابتدا کی(اللہ سبحانہ وتعالی قبول فرمائے) اس لیے جو بم سکھاتے ھیں وہ پر اثر نیٹ ورکنگ ھے.

 بہترین لوگوں سے تعلیم ■
دو مرکزی دعوة تنظیمیں ‎ iERA اور Youth club pk ھیں جنہیں میں بہت بلند مقام تک پہنچائوں گا مجھے یقین ھے کہ یہ دونوں بہت مخلص اور موثر ھیں. iERA غیر مسلموں کو دعوت دینے سے متعلق ھے اور اس میں تمام چیزیں عقلی ھیں. YC نوجوانوں اور بے عمل لوگوں کو دعوت دینے سے متعلق ھے اور اس میں تمام چیزیں روحانی ھیں.
نو جوانوں کو دعوة
وسط 90s سے ایک چیز جس سے میں وابستہ رہا وہ نوجونوں کو دعوة‎ دینا ھے میں نے کئی دعاة کے کام کا مشاہدہ کیا، ان سے سیکھا اور پھر میں نے اپنے نظریات قائم کیے یہ وہ چیز ھے جس پہ ڈی ایم کی ٹیم نے بہت زیادہ توجہ دی. شاید ہی (دنیا میں) کوئی دعوة سٹالز،‎ دعوة‎ ٹریننگ، یا کوئی سرگرمیاں ایسی ھونگی جن کا واحد مرکز ان لوگوں میں تبدیلی کی حوصلہ افزائی کرنا ھے جو بے عمل مسلمان، بے نمازی مسلمان، یا ممنوعہ عادات میں مبتلا مسلمان ھیں.
جبکہ ھمارا ٹریننگ کا مواد ‘ بے عمل مسلم نو جوانوں کیلیے بھی موثر دعوة‎ تجاویز’ کہلاتا ھے.
 غیر مسلموں کو دعوة‎ ‎
چونکہ میں iERA سے منسلک ھوں اور مجھے عظیم دعاة(جیسا کہ شیخ گرین اور حمزہ) کے گرد ھونے کا مفاد حاصل ھے، میں ہمیشہ نیا مواد اور نیا انداز سیکھتا آ رہا ھوں میں نے متعدد ماہرانہ کورسز میں شرکت کی اور میں آسانی سے دعوة‎ ٹریننگ دے سکتا ھوں.
پھرکئی آن لائن دعوة‎ ٹریننگ سیشن کرنے کے بعد اب میں عوامی خطاب اور دعوة‎ ٹریننگ کیمپسس کی طرف بڑھا ھوں. بالخصوص GORAP کا طریقہ کار سکھا رہا ھوں.
موثر تجاویز ■
بنیادی طور پر میں اپنے دعوة‎ کے منصوبوں میں تاثیر پر بہت زور دیتا ھوں. بجائے اس کے کہ آپ دعوت دیں اور یقین کر لیں کہ آپ نے یہ بہتر طور پر انجام دیا اور اسکے نتائج بھی ملے. اگر آپ کسی موقع پر بات کریں تو اپ کو کیسے یقین ھوگا کہ جو کچھ آپ نے سکھایا اس پر عمل بھی کیا گیا؟ سوائے اسکے کہ آپ سکھائیں اور بہتری  کی امید رکھیں




غیر مسلموں کو دعوة‎ ■

یہ وہ چیز ھے جسکی مجھے ھمیشہ تلاش رہی. مجھے روایتی طریقے سے چیزوں کو کرنا پسند نہیں ھے. مثال کے طور پر اگر ھم کسی موقع پر کھانا پیش کرنے جا رھے ھیں تو روایتی چاول اور چکن کے بجائے کیوں نہ ھم میکسیکن سنیکس اور فجیان ڈیزرٹس آزمائیں.
اگر ایک رسالہ ڈیزائن کرنا ھو تو دعوة‎ کا اشتہار اعلی تخلیق، عمدہ معیار اور بہترین ترتیب کا ڈیزائن ھونا چاہیئے.

روایتی دنیا سے باہر سوچنا ■
ہمیشہ دعوة‎ کی دنیا میں ایک نیا خیال، ایک نیا عنوان، ایک نیا انداز لے کر آئیں کہ کس طرح کسی کو قائل کیا جائے یا کس طرح نئے خیالات سے اس پر اثر انداز ھوا جائے وغیرہ.

 پر اعتمادی ■
میں نے بنیادی طور پر دعوة‎ کیلئے جو کچھ کیا اس میں میں نے ہمیشہ بے خوف اور پر اعتماد ھونے کی تعلیم دینے کی کوشش کی. نہ صرف دعوة‎ میں بلکہ عام زندگی میں بھی. خواہ کسی سے اتفاقیہ ملاقات ھو یا گفتگو شروع کرنی ھو یا عوامی خطاب ھو، میں ہمیشہ کوشش کرتا ھوں کہ لوگوں میں کمال درجے کے اعتماد کی حوصلہ افزائی کروں.
 آن لائن ■
میں آن لائن بہت ایکٹو ھوں اور میں نے اپنی سوشل میڈ یا پروفائلز دعوة‎ کیلئے وقف کر دیں دعوة‎ کیلئے قابلیت ابھارنے، لوگوں کو جوڑنے اور وسیع رسائی کیلیے آن لائن ایک اچھا طریقہ ھے.
سٹریٹ دعوة‎ ■
دعوةکیلیے میرا پسندیدہ اوزار سٹریٹ‎ دعوة‎ ھے میں نے فنڈریزنگ کے دنوں سے ہی ایسے ہنر مرتب کیے جو نہ صرف لوگوں کو گلیوں میں روکنے بلکہ ایک موئثر گفتگو شروع کرنے میں بھی مدد کرتے ھیں. میں اپنی ٹیمز اور افراد کو ‘ آغاز کرنا ‘ سکھاتا ھوں.
دعوة‎ سٹالز ■
یہ ایک ایسی چیز ھے جس کی میں نے ہمیشہ حوصلہ افزائی کی. آپ کہیں بھی ایک دعوة‎ سٹال،ایڈوئس سٹال، یا نیٹ ورکنگ سٹال قائم کر سکتے ھیں. یہ عوام کو مائل کرنے کا ایک شاندار طریقہ اور شاندار پلیٹ فارم ھے.


 عملی تجاویز■
میں مختلف معاملات میں مکمل حد تک تفتیش کرتا ھوں مثال کے طور پر اگر کسی کو نہیں پہ کہ اس نے اپنے انکل کو دعوة‎ کیسے دینا ھے؟ یا پھر کوئی پوچھے کہ اسے اپنے ادارے میں کس قسم کی تقریب کا اہتمام کرنا چاہیے؟ اس لیے میں ان معاملات کے بارے میں سوچتا ھوں اور حقیقی خیالات فراہم کرتا ھوں جن کو وہ نافذ کر سکیں.

ایکٹو دعوة‎ کیلیے بہنوں کی بہت ضرورت ھے ہمیں خواتین دعاة اور خواتین دعوة‎ ٹرینرز کی ضرورت ھے. یہ وہ چیز ھے جس کیلئے میں بلاتا ھوں اور ہمیشہ حوصلہ افزائی کرتا ھوں

دعوة‎ موٹیویشن

Part 2: Do you fear death?

Youth Club Blog

By Maria Javaid.

This is a two-part series on the concept of death. This is the second part. Check out Part One here!

Having understood that death is an inevitability, what can we do to challenge the notion of death to lead a successful Muslim life?

  • Make peace with death

Although no one can have the full surety of entering Jannah, it is best to lead our lives in a way that we are satisfied to a degree, by our current struggle of living in accordance to Allah’s commands. This would make us peaceful at the thought of our actions being presented to Allah (SWT) and the entire concept of accountability would seem less intimidating.

  • Include Allah’s remembrance in your

It is not prohibited to enjoy fun-filled social interactions, but we must make sure that our gatherings are not completely disconnected with our deen and thus, spiritually meaningless…

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