How to be involved and become a supporter of Da’wah projects.

When the word da’wah comes up, it brings up dread in people’s minds! They conjure up all sorts of images in their head about the da’wah. They would falsely assume that they will have to get up on a podium and preach to the masses. If not that, then they assume they’d have to debate a famous Christian missionary or that they now must learn deep academic arguments and go to a place like speakers’ corner to debate people for hours. Perhaps, they further think that they’d have to drop all their studies, work commitments, drop everything and commit to Islamic sciences to become a scholar. Only then can they get involved in this thing called ‘da’wah.’

Well, this is not the case. 

The da’wah field or sector is a huge field. It has many elements to it. I can fully appreciate that standing on a busy street, trying to stop and speak to a random stranger about Islam can seem like an utterly daunting prospect, but who told you that you must do just this? 

Before I give a list of suggestions on how to be involved, I want to share my da’wah journey which may come as a surprise.

My first event da’wah stall took place in 1994 in the town of Crawley, Southeast England. From then on until 2001, I mostly just helped ship the pamphlets from the car to the town center. I mostly handed out these flyers to people on the street. I had an odd conversation with the non-Muslims, mostly informing them about Islam and what we Muslims do. Other than the stall, I used to help set up events by putting out chairs, helping clear up and promote an event, again handing out an event poster. 

So, in short, I didn’t give any public lectures. I didn’t deliver any speeches. I did not engage in any debates on the stall. No refutation of the Christian belief, no philosophical discussions, no training or answering any deep questions about life or Islam.

But I was still involved!

The ayah in Surah Yasin:

“And there came from the farthest end of the city a man, running. He said, "O my people, follow the messengers…”

This man is mostly unknown; however, Allah still mentions him for the people to remember for all times. All he said was listen to the messengers. He was the ‘promoter ‘of his time. So simple yet profound. He didn’t engage in calling to Allah himself, he just simply told people to go and listen to the messengers.

So, you see, you do not have to be at the forefront. You can be at the ‘backend’ behind the scenes. Unknown. But still, be involved.

Da’wah is ‘Calling to Allah.’ It’s simple. Learn about Allah, His supremacy and then inform all the folks that you know and come across about Allah.

But, in case you are not able to directly do this verbal call, then support the ones who are. This support level is critical.

How to be involved? Here are a few suggestions, however feel free to add your own in the comments:

1.      Design for the da’wah

2.      Online promoter 

3.      Recruit for the team.

4.      Find venues for da’wah events 

5.      Research 

6.      Write blogs. Such as what I am doing now, with this very blog!

7.      Make calls

8.      Share da’wah posts on WhatsApp

9.      Drive duaat to their destination 

10.  Help transport and distribute da’wah material 

11.  Fundraise for the da’wah 

12.  Organize and manage a halaqah 

13.  Research about and become a specialist on how to manage online communications tools such as Zoom, Google meetings, Microsoft teams, etc. 

14.  Research and become a specialist in audio equipment 

15.  Video editing 

16.  Photographer 

17.  Da’wah trainer 

18.  Public speaker 

19.  Apologetics/ Debater

20.  Event specialist 

21.  Organize meetings 

22.  Da’wah admin

23.  Host duaat

24.  Maintain spreadsheets 

25.  Tech support 

This list can go on and I’m sure you get the idea now. There are probably no skills or work on earth that cannot be applied to support the cause of da’wah. 

The da’wah needs help. Engaging with the youth who engages in the deep sins of non-Muslims, needs support and help. It’s a collective effort and you can be as involved as you like; once a week, or an hour a week, but just engage! If you’re part of a WhatsApp group made for the sake of Allah, then perhaps now this blog could empower you to be bolder and prod you to raise your hands for various tasks. 

May Allah accept the work of everyone involved in this noble action.

If you want to get involved in the dawah
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This blog is based upon a Facebook live session i delivered. Many brothers and sisters in the Ummah feel they have a lack of confidence in their dawah styles and generally in life too. I hope these following tips would help them overcome this. A Video complimenting this blog is available upon request:
instagram: @dawahmotivation
As in a lot of things in life, I always take an unorthodox approach to confidence building techniques!
Right now I feel supremely confident.
Be it on the streets of London, be it presenting, be it delivering a halaqah etc.
But I wasn’t always like this!
When I was a boy I was the complete opposite. I was an extremely shy boy.
My confidence began building up,first by hanging around amazingly cheeky brothers. Then the Dawah stall experience. For many years I used to literally stand and give out flyers and avoided discussion with passersby. Then i began to speak up more and then…slowly but surely i felt comfortable & i began moving around the stall and approach people with zero fear!
Then came the big change.
 Street fundraising!
I was a street a fundraiser and a trainer for 8 years. In these 8 years I picked up many skills and I felt supremely confident. In all spheres of life.
The following I believe could help you in your journey in becoming in life:
We should get into public speaking and in public situations again and again to desensitize fears. The more you put yourself up for speaking in front of a crowd the easier it will get. The very first time you do this, you will be a bag of nerves. But when you go through this grieving process a few times, it most definitely gets easier and your confidence grows. After this tough experience, you take this new-found confidence everywhere and anywhere!
Go through the stages of nervousness,fear and sweat.These powerful emotions and feelings will keep recurring,it will happen 1,2,3,4 times but then eventually at the ninth attempt you’ll feel like you are the most confident person in the world. The sweat will whither away, nerves shall vanish and you will actually begin to enjoy giving lectures!
Put yourself out of your comfort zone. Challenge yourself!
At first you will sweat, this is guaranteed.
You will Panic, you will hate it. But keep at it!
Whether its presenting something at University,or your home or even online, keep at it! Keep doing it. The mistakes will decrease. It gets easier..and behold.. you’ll actually begin enjoying it!
Love and enjoy ‘REJECTIONS’ because whenever you give dawah you’ll have to face this and it is a Sunnah
We should embrace rejection.
Rejection won’t physically assault you and leave you for dead! It’s just a reaction and that’s all. Look forward to getting rejected or ignored. If you apply your mind to this, you will see how you will naturally become more confident in your demeanour! Rejection is your friend! Learn to love it!
Daaees should love rejection and challenges,it’s actually fun playing this game of getting rejected. Treat it as a game! 😀
you have to act brave strong and confident,  don’t sink in the ocean of maybe ness. Just go ahead and say the truth. Thought’s like : ‘’ if i say this to him, or if i do that, then MAYBE he will get angry, MAYBE he will hate me, MAYBE he will get me arrested..these MAYBE’S are just going to drown you and stagnate your progress in whatever field you are in.
Be more and more random. Start having small chats with random people. With the waiter at a restaurant. The taxi driver, shopkeeper, the maid, anyone you exchange a few pleasantries with, turn it into a conversation. This will add to your repertoire as a generally all round confident individual.
❗Dont fear what people will say just go ahead with what you want to say! Thier verbal reactions  are Mere words! You fear mere letters coming out from the mouths of limited, fallible human beings?!  Have a Fear of Allah, not his creation.
Come on reflect upon this deeply.. These words cannot harm you at all. No words can adjust or impact your feeling with out your permission. Go forth and ahead with what you want to say, in a group discussion, delivering  a presentation or engaging in street Dawah.
❗Ignore the looks and reactions fear the one who made these reactions💯.
So are you really going to let a mere look. A screw face or a raise of an eye brow, put you down? Of course not! These looks have a limited power. Don’t let a negative look upon you get you down in any way!
Never worry about what people think of you. I simply don’t let their opinions of me affect me whatsoever. I remove all thoughts of what they MIGHT think of me. Be your own, be yourself, be different! shutterstock_208422298-100413072-primary.idge_
❗Its not a big deal if someone say ‘NO’ I don’t want to listen to you.
Don’t worry,  come  back at them again with  unique ways. Don’t let this deflate your confidence. NO is a maybe in disguise and a future yes!
Try and surround yourself with extroverts. Connect with very outgoing people. Their natural confidence will slowly rub off on you.
Have a deep fear of Allah swt ! Once this is ingrained within your soul, you’ll soon see every human as mere limited mortals. Human beings cannot harm you, psychologically or physically with the permission of the lord of the worlds!
‘ La Hawla Wa La Quwwata illa BillAh ‘
There is no power and no strength except with Allah!
In a Dawah stall situation or presentation in front of a large audience. Remember that there is no greater power in life than the power of Allah. Live by this mantra throughout your whole life. This will give you courage and bravery like no other.
This Should be your personal mantra for life. Really internalize this.
I hope these very brief tips will Help you become confident & that it improves your personal, professional & Dawah life!
Jazak Allah Khair


2017-07-19 11.20.42Question:

Assalaam alaykum.
Do you have any ideas for doing dawah in the hostel? I am staying at a girls hostel in Pakistan and need ideas. Jzk
More than anything, if you are serious about becoming a daee, then have a think about how much are you committed to this? Are you willing to sacrifice your time? Remember you too are a student and have your own work. Can you handle becoming a reference point and your studies? You may have to always be available and have people coming to your room regularly.
One of the best ways is to always set up a high standard of Islam to your colleagues. Be the best example. The beauty of being an example to other students is that this will motivate you to increase and improve your own Deen! We all need doses of inspiration and motivation
You will always find new admissions trying hard to adjust in the hostel environment, looking for help from anyone at all. Be their super hero and help them with everything. This will help you make your own group of friends who are grateful to you at the same time and listen and trust your word. This is your chance to share the word of Allah SWT with them.
 Facilitate girls around you and share with them the places you have found around the hostel that they can go to for their everyday needs or just to hang out with friends. Tell them about the best tailor, mall ,market, restaurant, picnic spot. This will help you win their hearts.
It’s all about winning the hearts. A lot of the dawah to Islam, or at least initiation is about winning the hearts and inspiring the youth..! 
 Generally, our friends don’t need typical naseeha, so don’t lecture them. Show them how your ways (i.e. Islam), are amazing. Remember this can take long , long time, so think years and not expect change within weeks or even months!
 They will approach you to learn and discuss about your ways and share their problems and maybe show interest in adapting to the ways of Islam.
Everyone at a hostel is away from friends and family and misses them. Do things they miss. If you know how to cook, cook for them insha’Allah, which can remind them of their home and automatically they will feel attached to you.
Prove your presence at the university and the hostel. Joining the Debating Society is a good example.. Your university must appreciate your presence. University administration must know you as one of their best students.
 Excel in your academics.
Whenever you get a chance to speak to a group of girls or to address the class or a chance during your halaqas, speak about solutions to the problems of your fellows, like exam stress, love, family disputes and other topics of importance at their level and age.
Keep everything relevant to them, and, always in the light of Islam and Tauheed.
 Improve your English and language skills, especially spoken.
Be active and engage with the student body. Execute your plans practically. Arrange trips for your fellows, plan and arrange healthy activities; seminars and workshops including religious and educational expos.
 Offer incentives to the fellows. Incentives, like your team of Da’wah sisters can offer to wash the dishes for the ‘disinterested’ group or maybe to buy them food, or more general offers like certificates or credit hours in the course that you can arrange with the consent of university officials.
Become a counsellor and an advisor for your fellows. Be honest. Be trustworthy. Be sincere. Be there for them at all times.
If you are going  through a book, then perhaps after a while get the other hostilities to read the book. This makes it more interesting and keeps everyone involved.
Ask for ideas, what topics would your fellow students like to discuss?
Organise mini tours to a conference or an interesting landmark, show the students your exploring and adventurous side..
    These are just some very basic tips and ideas. One of the biggest purposes of these blogs is to get the reader thinking. To build upon these ideas, to open a new window of thinking within their minds.
May Allah set bless those involved in the dawah everywhere.


This Story belongs to sister Humeira Patel from India

My friend and I were just talking yesterday, and it turned out to be one of the most interesting Dawah experiences I’ve ever had. We’ve known each other ever since we were kids, but, the past ten months have allowed us to become even closer. I have devoted these months to giving her Dawah by making her aware of Allah’s majesty. She was at her lowest state during this time and frequently appeared anxious and agitated. So, it was easier for her to imbibe the strength from Allah, and draw toward the deen. In all honesty, recently I was too busy working to devote much time to Dawah training or maintaining my Islamic knowledge. It was a low point in my Dawah journey and I struggled like never before. However, our relationship did not weaken over time. Occasionally, I went on outings with her and even exchanged presents. She regarded me as a trustworthy person.

With time I once again started attending lectures and meetings. Talking to other Dawah companions helped me rediscover my enthusiasm and focus on this noble mission. I realized I need to deliver Dawah in the best possible way and that being frustrated at people who don’t grasp my words is counterproductive.

One day, the same friend, to my surprise, showed up at my place. I prayed to Allah for the opportunity to untie the knot in my tongue and to open her heart. I prioritized making her feel loved and valued and decided to show my undying affection by making cupcakes from scratch. I gave her the clue before that something good occurred. So, instantly upon her arrival, she investigated the good news. After settling down, I narrated to her that I was honored to be the host of Wajih sir’s lecture. And that piqued her interest even more. Thereafter, we resumed our earlier chat and later prayed the asr salah. As I presented her with a tray of cupcakes and two mugs of hot coffee, she was overwhelmed by my gesture and inquired if I had baked them for her. Soon, the subject of our chat moved to gratitude. She felt blessed to have amazing in-laws and shared her appreciation toward them. I quickly talked about the blessings Allah جل جلاله bestows upon us; she pondered and eventually confided in me that she often thinks about the great lengths to which our dawah team goes to draw closer to Allah. She also shared her admiration for us, but often finds herself wondering why she is unable to achieve the same level of spiritual closeness. Her eyes began to well up with tears, but before she could blink them away, her husband arrived to pick her up, and we had to cut our chat short. A little later, I got a message from her saying how much she enjoyed our conversation. It was important to her that they get together again soon.

This brief encounter taught me the value of face-to-face communication. Before our meeting, I gave her Dawah via text messages and reminders, but there was a lack of a deeper connection. This interaction gave us both a chance to partake in a heartfelt experience. There was something substantial for each of us to take away.

Attending meetings and training regularly has a beneficial effect on us, which is one of the best lessons I learned from the experience. We can’t imagine our lives without dawah. No matter how well we are equipped with deen, we constantly need to feed ourselves with reminders. As we keep forgetting things, these reminders would aid us in staying on track. Although, the key is to always be consistent. A sincere recommendation on my part would be that the readers attend the different ongoing meetings of DM, where there’s always something new to learn. One will gain a boost and inspiration to remain focused on their objectives. I can assert with certainty, based on my personal experience that dawah permits us to reflect on our life by discovering its true meaning.

May Allah grant us perseverance and accept us for His work.

The art of winning the hearts

This story belongs to Kashish Meher from India.

My passion for martial arts was discovered whilst I was in college. I was looking for a remarkable school as I wanted to excel, and I found this place in North India which had a notable reputation. I was admitted after a visit for the admission and counselling process. However, there is a catch. Since this place had no Muslims and I wasn’t yet practising, no one could have identified me as one. As my classes progressed, I also discovered that these people had little tolerance for Muslims. And this is where the conflict started. As soon as they learned about my Muslim identity, they began to act strangely. My coach was often nasty to me since he had some unpleasant encounters with a few Muslims. I barely understood their mockery towards me.

By the time I realized their prejudice against Muslims, my patience had to stand the test. I took a lot of criticism, yet I didn’t quit because it was my passion. I never gave in to their hostility, although I frequently shed tears upon returning home. I understood that acting honestly and responsibly was the only way to win their hearts. As a result, I focused solely on my training and continued to treat my coach and elders with the highest respect.

Every day I exerted a great deal of work, yet it was never acknowledged. However, I never gave up trying to improve the situation. I followed every instruction without question. Even when scolded, I remained silent, and my performance was never impaired. I was always involved in training tasks and other activities.

The day finally came when Allah had different plans. I was chosen to compete in the national karate championship finals. My coach had high expectations for the team, and I was exceedingly concerned due to my inexperience and my opponent’s expertise. Nevertheless, I played my part in the arena, and I could not believe I had won the championship.

I was astonished when they informed me that I had earned a silver medal. That day, my coach finally expressed his appreciation for my diligence. Everything has changed since then. My coach has started taking my training more seriously. Even more, I made friends there. People were now paying attention to what I had to say. I was grateful to Allah SWT for making the situation easier. At that time, there was a great deal of teaching and training going on, and I began to speak up. My confidence and ideas impressed my coach. A few days later, he also requested to host a big event at the facility. To me, that was an honour.

Later, they started considering my input in important decisions. My coach once told me, “I have never seen a Muslim girl as intelligent as you. You have changed my perspective. We value your diligence and effort since you are the best. I now understand that there are good people and bad people in every community, but that we can never judge them equally. Religion is not responsible for bad behaviour; humans are.” I was overwhelmed with both happiness and sadness upon hearing his remarks. My perseverance paid off, and then the most incredible thing happened. No longer were Muslims subject to restrictions at the facility. Now, all students can join and receive the best training together.

Indeed, Allah chooses people for His work. Only Muslims can set the record straight about Islam. Also, the ways of the Prophet SAW and the Sahabas are the finest way to go about it. Therefore, be patient and kind.

WOC reflections- Campus Da’wah

Not getting to reflect upon the various da’wah stall action so I want to quickly pen some random reflections and incidents that took place during my Punjab and Sindh da’wah activities

At KU, the highlight was when I saw a couple of students about to light up cigarettes. My initiation was to ask about the box and said can you give me one spare? He offered but I jokingly said not for me, I just wanted tyour attention. After discussing the Harms of cigarettes including it leading to heavier stuff and the path to destruction. This conversation began with 2 but ended up with around a group of 9/10. Through some light humour I then took the conversation to the discussion about the grave and what have we prepared for it.

After this I spoke to another small group of youth who were smoking in a stylish way with poses.

So other than the usual purpose of life discussions, smoking was the main highlight and initiation for me at Karachi University.

At Ziauddin University, although relatively quieter stall compared to other institutes. The 2 moments were when after breaking the ice with a young guy, I asked if he had any bad habits. He said he was a gambler. He actually lost a few lakh ruppees. What was shocking is that his father was also a gambling addict.

I discussed the harms of gambling and then took the conversation to the greatest motivator. That’s the fear of the day of judgement. Reflection about that day makes you stop in your tracks to commit sins whether it’s gambling, smoking or any other sins.

Another moment, which may not technically be under the guise of da’wah is when a guy with 2 girls picked up our flyer and began laughing about it. The flyer was about the dangers of LGBTQ+. I saw this and with a thick English accent said: This actually is no laughing matter, these are serious issues and your life is at stake! At this they were obviously shocked, said ok and walked away. Maybe they’ll reflect upon this maybe not.

At DHA Suffa, a brother put up a banner promoting music and dancing. He actually placed it right in front of the lecture hall where students are being motivated about Avoiding sins and living Islam. So I gestured in a very confident manner to come here. I advised him that he is promoting baatil and that too right next to Khayr. He said ok I’ll move it.

But he didn’t, and went away. I picked up and faced it in a way no one can see it. Again he came back and placed it in a different direction. I again picked it up and moved it. He then agreed to remove it completely! Alhumdulillah.

Other than these, there were moments at various universities where youth are free mixing, even touching each other and of course dating on site. After engaging in wisdom filled da’wah with compassion through the day I actually try to forbid munkar. Yes at times very direct and perhaps harsh but because overwhelmingly my style is relaxed and discussion based, at times we need to be straight and Frank. I believe our Muslims brothers and sisters at university should where they can forbid the evil that takes place in front of them. We should not ignore it. If we all improve this aspect of at least advising our fellow students, then perhaps we may see small changes. Insha’Allah

My Journey With DM Mumbai 

This journey has been headed by sister Naseem from India.

My idea of dawah was to stand on a podium and lecture or to be so well-versed in Islam and other religions that I could engage in a productive debate with nonbelievers. Before entering DM, things looked like this. My understanding of dawah expanded over time, and I came to realise that it could be practised anywhere, at any time, with just a little knowledge (You must, of course, improve your ilm in parallel) 

I was inducted into DM in April of 2021 after a short training period. My partner Samrin and I were the only two people on the Mumbai team. Over time, I was able to join the DM India community for training and casual online meetups. 

During this time, we deliberated on how to recruit more people to our cause and launch a series of ground-based dawah initiatives. It took a few months, but we finally found two qualified candidates to join our team in Mumbai. We invited them to join our team chat and engage in friendly conversations to lay the groundwork for a strong team dynamic. Although this went on for a while, it was cut short because the sisters’ jobs and schoolwork kept them too busy to devote much time to dawah. Until February 2022, when we added four new members—two at first, and then the other two within a few days—the Mumbai team was back down to just two people. However, recruiting wasn’t as simple this time around. To ensure that our final team consisted of only committed workers, we decided to put them through a rigorous training programme. Each new member was called and a brief interview was conducted to learn about their preferences and availability followed by an assignment to view specific weblogs and videos ( a starter pack of 4-5 blogs and videos ). Successful applicants were incorporated into our team once they had finished the required tasks within the allotted time frame. 

By the end of March, we’d recruited two new sisters: a revert and a friend of mine. We took them through the same procedures, and they are now a part of the Mumbai crew. It was up to us now to inspire the new converts and forge a strong bond. So, we had an offline meeting in a cafe in Bandra, but only two sisters showed up. So, we decided to do activities online and started with an online meetup to get things rolling. After we were satisfied that the sisters had formed a cohesive unit, we began holding weekly online sessions in which we would read and discuss a single blog post. On our third online get-together, we all decided to play a game that was a big hit. Later, we found out that one of our team members was moving to Delhi, so we made plans to wish her well and spread the word about Islam (dawah) at the same time. We took this as an opportunity to invite some of our sisters who are not Muslim and, with the help of our senior members, we devised a strategy to achieve our goals. We had lunch together at the food court of R City Mall in Ghatkopar. Even though the dawah activity didn’t go as smoothly as planned due to a few unforeseen complications, the get-together still succeeded in fostering community spirit among the participants and reminding them of their life’s greater purpose. Each of us gave it our all during this inaugural dawah event. 

Dawah and Team Building appear simple and interesting when one sees a group of people engaging in such activities. It took a lot of time, energy, and creativity to assemble a team of eight people. Interactions on a more personal level, like phone calls and constant texting. There were a total of six meetings, four of which took place online and two in person.

UOL Campus da’wah- WOC 2022 Lahore

The sun himself is weak when he first rises, and gathers strength and courage as the day gets on.

—Charles Dickens, The Old Curiosity Shop

In 2019 accompanying Raja Zia Ul Haq on his workshop at UOL- University Of Lahore. I captured through a small video about the goings on at this institute. Showing the condition of the Muslim youth Ummah today. That creates so many questions and discussion.

It is a huge university with various ‘streets’ and open pedestrianised areas akin to a typical European town centre. 

I’ve had more or less the same team that accompanied me in the previous few days. Led ever so ably by Waleed, alahumabarik.

It was the longest and most engaging stall since we’ve been in Lahore last few days. Constant rush of students curious

About our flyers and merchandise. The usual questions are what are we doing as well as general naseehah on being consistent on Deen and avoiding bad habits and addictions 

The highlight for me was when I spotted a guy with a very colourful Tshirt. I approached him and as usual, pointed out his Tshirt. After asking his name, I got a little excited. His name was Fleming & my excitement was due to I wanted to engage with a Christian in Lahore. Term it a bucket list of a Daee! 😎

This conversation was recorded and we spoke about using common sense and why it makes sense to believe in one creator & not multiple. Rationally, theologically & spiritually. I also discussed our noble Nabi.

He took away the flyer & it remains to be seen if Allah guides him. 

Another small experience id like to share was that When we were searching for a quite area to do a briefing about da’wah we found benches ideally suited. There was a ‘couple’ who were ever so cosy.. and so I kind of stormed into the area and said a loud salaam, they both were startled and I asked them to don’t mind us, join us in fact, they walked away but as they took a few steps I said that now that you’ve left this seating.. why not leave the Haram relationship! He laughed and went on his way!

Take it how you like, but sometimes, ever so sometimes we need to be direct. It may not be deemed as da’wah what I said & did but maybe they’ll think about tiny experience.

This whole experience at UOL was a highly energetic experience. Some of us sat down time to time because of the relentless flow of students. This is a great feeling because you feel like you’re doing something positive for the world. I’m immensely proud of our debutants and I pray they continue this form of da’wah for many years.

Long love campus da’wah! An experience all

Duat should try.

Now after 2 years I get to finally hold a da’wah table and campus da’wah here and a what day of da’wah it was! 

Confidence can get you anything

You are certainly not alone if you suffer from social anxiety or a lack of self-assurance. Even the prophet of Allah, Musa (AS) had prayed to Allah for strength in order to preach His message in the court of Fir’awn (Pharoah). His dua is recorded in the QURAN as,

O my Lord! Open for me my chest; Ease my task for me; And remove the impediment from my speech, so they may understand what I say.
(Al Taha; 20:25-28)

When performing duties such as dawah, it is impossible to avoid interacting with individuals from diverse backgrounds, and you must exude confidence if you intend to appear certain and persuasive. You might read blogs, get quick suggestions, and watch documentaries, but if you’re not internally motivated, none of these things will help. Moreover, this quality is not innate; it must be acquired via practise. The difficulty is how to exemplify this assurance while inviting others to Allah. Let us explore together. Following is a collection of recommendations that should prove useful in your social interactions.

Prepare well, I know enough!

According to the psychology of effective communication, a person is more convincing when he knows every nook and corner of his topics. Preparing carefully is essential; do your homework. Your preparation could include brainstorming potential questions, counter questions, and responses. When we lack preparation and knowledge, deep inside we are aware of it, and that reflects in our actions. On the contrary, when you are knowledgeable in the subject, you instantly feel assured.

Look presentable

You must appear presentable and decent. Groom yourself well. A messy individual can never appear confident. You cannot expect others to give you positive attention if you smell horrible, have dirty nails and hair, and wear inappropriate clothing. If possible, bathe every day, wear quality perfume, and take care of your personal hygiene. Cleanliness is half of faith, and it boosts your self-confidence to the point where no one can compete with you.

Nice pitch and audible voice

Speak with a distinct and audible voice. Your volume should be clear for your audience. Do not mumble, as it will not draw attention. People who are clear are more likely to attract attention and are also more assured. Do not leave any of your sentences or words unfinished and do not hesitate to present your argument. Also, try to use a rich vocabulary.

Body language that stands out

Good body language is a deal breaker in any interaction; this is fundamental to any engagement. Maintain a good body posture to appear friendly. Keep your back straight, don’t look too stiff or closed and never allow your head and shoulders to sag. Also don’t keep your arms folded or cross your legs and arms while sitting. It was part of the Prophet’s practice, or sunnah, to direct his full body toward the person he would converse with. Always wear a smile and do not look intimidating. Maintain eye contact so the other person can have a sense of rapport and understanding.

Quit underestimating your abilities!

People have a tendency to undervalue their own abilities. By over thinking, you should not underestimate your potentials. Once you start speaking, you will naturally utter things you never intended to say. Confide in yourself and in Allah SWT. You are more knowledgeable than you believe, so, have faith in the knowledge you acquired over the years.

Anticipation is self-fulfilling prophecy!

When we anticipate the worse, our behavior increases the likelihood for it to occur. The majority of people lose confidence because they are afraid of things that have not yet occurred or may never occur. Sometimes we anticipate the worst outcomes, negative results, rejections, embarrassment, and failure, but things turn out extremely well. Therefore, cease inventing and creating circumstances in your mind and start living in the present and not dwelling on the past and future. Always go with the flow; interactions should never be over thought.

Stop getting intimidated!

At the end of the day every human shares the same needs, emotions, and desires. So why should we be afraid of someone we do not know? Allah SWT alone is worthy of our awe and respect. There is no reason to be intimidated by the crowd. Allah has said in the Quran.

“And you feared the people, while Allah has more right that you fear Him. (Al Ahzab: 37).”

Nurture your heart with the consciousness of Allah. All fears dissipate when a person internalizes the knowledge that he is being watched and cared by The One who is far more above than anything else. Fear of Allah outweighs fear of people and their judgments, and as a da’ee, you will be naturally more confident.

Confront your fears!

Few of us suffer from social anxiety or social phobia. Desensitization is a viable treatment for this issue. Your anxieties do not exceed your capabilities and the phobia to avoid intimidating social settings, if continued, can eventually lead you to avoid everything you detest. Instead, confront and overcome. Although you might be hesitant at first, you will quickly get more comfortable. Meet as many people as possible, including people you feel uncomfortable engaging. Move beyond your comfort zone. Everything new to our experience may not be so simple for us to confront. Consider the worst that may happen and ask yourself shortly thereafter, if that is a sufficient excuse to abandon something so important to Allah and His messenger? Then walk forward, putting your fears and excuses to rest.

Sahl ibn Sa’d reported: The Prophet (PBUH) said, “By Allah, that Allah guides a man through you is better for you than a herd of expensive red camels.”

(ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī 2847, ṣaḥīḥ Muslim 2406)

Socialize and spread your roots!

People with growth mindset always help you achieve your full potential. Respect your time and efforts and meet people who can assist you through their happy experiences. Make it a hobby. Accept meeting every member of the community and observe their behavior. The greater your exposure to new individuals, the more likely you are to feel comfortable around them. Try to learn from all your acquaintances.

Every experience is a learning experience!

All experiences, whether positive or negative, teach us more about ourselves. Consider your dawah or social experience as an adventure in which you never know what will happen next or the response of the next person you will encounter. This exercise will get increasingly fascinating over time. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to meet people with diverse perspectives, and you may learn about their psychology. If any unpleasant experience occurs, be calm and learn from it. Experience is the greatest educator.

The more, the merrier.

Two is superior to one, because the more, the merrier. Initially, if you are on your own, your Dawah journey may be arduous and monotonous. Consider traveling in pairs or in groups. This will increase each other’s morale and confidence. Shared experience is both lovely and inspiring, it would give you the confidence that comes from being surrounded by like-minded and supportive people.

Always have a framework!

Knowledge without organizational and presentation skills is ineffective. To manage your interactions, draw up a plan. Make a list of semi-structured statements, replies, potential questions, and arguments that you will present. You will subconsciously believe you are ready for any issue or situation. This plan will help you cope with any problem that may arise, and you can make modifications based on the situation.

Make realistic goals

Are you putting yourself under excessive pressure and burden by attempting to accomplish something extraordinary all at once? This is extremely unrealistic, because, good things take time, and so will perfection in dawah. High expectations hurt badly. Expecting 15 to 20 people to embrace Islam or respond positively during your first street dawah is absurd. You cannot set goals that are unreasonable and then burden yourself with reaching them. Instead, you will feel depressed for being unable to make it happen. Be patient and set realistic and progressive goals. You can start by thinking that all you would do there is chat and make friends for the sake of Allah.

Accept diversity and rejection

There are a variety of individuals with diverse natures and backgrounds, so do not expect everyone to respond favorably. Maintain your resolve and be prepared for rejection. Also, rejections and mixed reactions should not deter you from your ultimate goal.

You may also meet people who appear unapproachable. In such situations, whisper to yourself the famous proverb, “ what really matters is invisible to the eyes,” and go ahead, keeping in mind that only Allah knows the true state of hearts. Remember, rejection is more beneficial than inaction.

All that I have learned thus far has come from rejections. Inaction has taught me nothing. -Neeraj Agnihotri

As a da’ee, you must accept that rejections are inevitable and you will encounter more frowns, death stares, and head shaking than head nodding. Know that you have been chosen to carry on the legacy of our beloved Prophets, who embraced all frictions. So, come to terms with these inevitable rejections and focus on the reward.

Be Mindful

A person who is unaware of themselves and their environment cannot persuade others to change their perspective. Mindfulness is the key to alertness and awareness, and a person who is aware is confident. Do not become engrossed in your thoughts by considering the future or reminiscing the past. Start living in the moment, maintain vigilance. You should be attentive enough to comprehend what the next person says and answer accordingly.

Be mindful of what you are saying, not of what next person is thinking

People cannot communicate with others out of fear of being judged. We have the ability to influence what people believe through our words. Avoid evaluating yourself through the eyes of another person. Did you ever notice that the more confident a salesperson is, the more likely you are to believe him? Being confident is nothing more than being mindful, vigilant, active, and aware. Stop imposing constraints on yourself that will impede your progress.

Allah stands on your side. He has endowed humanity with limitless opportunities. Do not hesitate; come out of your shell. Remember that you are spreading His words in the right direction and when you know you are headed right, you are well-prepared. Also, rejoice in the fact that you are working for a noble cause, the ‘Invitation to Islam’. Nothing should hold you back.

So, try out these ideas, and tell us what you think.

Double Whammy Campus da’wah, on the same day!

One of the many wondeful things about WOC tours are it’s ground breaking activities.

The Previous year it was the first time we hit a record number of institutes.

This year from a street da’wah point of view YC conducted campus da’wah at two different locations and institutes on the same day! Alhumdulillah.

As far as I know, no other da’wah organisation in the world has held a da’wah stall at two different universities on the same day.

I feel proud, especially from the latest batch of the YC street da’wah team.

We had a table at FAST-NU & COMSATS.

At FAST we had many questions from different students on various topics. Non stop discussions for an hour or two.

After attending the Khutba of Mohammad Ali at Safa Gold mall. We headed towards COMSATS.

Another campus da’wah session with the brothers Tauseef, Talha, Raha Fahd, Murtaza and a few other bros engaged in with full fervour.

A few of things happened which shows that as a default position, wisdom is used for all da’wah conversations but sometimes a more direct & slightly stern approach is needed.

I noticed that a sister wearing hijab and abaya fist bumped another brother, and they were meant to be the organisers of the event. So, naturally I wanted to advise the brother. I called out to him, I complimented his glasses and style, made him smile and so on. I then said hope he doesn’t mind and that as an older brother can I give you advice. He approved and then I Said “ Bro perhaps you’re not aware, but even though it’s an harmless fist bump, you’re actually touching a non mahram.

I quoted the prophetic tradition:

“It is better that a steel nail is driven into your head than for you to touch a woman who is not permissible for you.”


He took the advice positively and thanked me.

And so we saw other minor issues which are Un Islamic and had to be direct in our naseehah.

We all need to do this, keep a look out for our brothers and sisters, advise firm but with compassion and hikmah and not to show superiority or let our anger.

So that’s 3 universities within a few days. I pray Allah Accepts our efforts.


In 1646 by Sultan Muzaffar Khan, chief of the Bomba tribe who founded & ruled Kashmir warded off incursions from the Mughal Empire.

Just like Muzaffar Khan warded off an Empire, the YC team went on a da’wah trip to ward off evils such as lgbtq, transgender agenda, atheism, general laziness towards Islam & everything Non Islamic!

This was part of the winds of change tour 2022.

This was my first trip with Abu Saad. Abu Saad has been a breakthrough speaker since last year or so Masha’Allah. He’s background in Arabic speaking & deep interest in tafsir is something brilliant to listen to. The other brothers were Mudassir our new talented media guy and Abdullah Al Jazairi, a promising Daee for the future.

Although I was already extremely sleepy because of severe lack of sleep, the fresh air of Kashmir, the valleys & mountains woke me up. One could look and admire these Creations of rock all day long. These then make your tongue utter praises towards our Rabb.

We had a pleasant journey towards Muzaffarabad, except that we got stopped at a check point. Reason being was that Abdullah is Algerian/ Pakistani, he looks North African masha’Allah. This stupefied the police men, they demanded id, which unfortunately abdullah didn’t bring with him. We eventually managed to get permission to leave but poor Mudassir kept getting messages from this one police guy galled ‘A’ all day long! He was keen to meet us for some odd reason. Strange but humorous situation eh!

When we got to Muzaffarabad, I spoke at Beaconhouse School on the topic of habits.

After this Abu Saad spoke about Surah kahf, purpose of life and the youth at AlNoor college.

After this we had lunch at a very shabby and dusty looking restaurant but the daal, spinach and food was very tasty, Alhumdulillah.

We thought as we had a few hours until the next event, let’s get some sleep.

So on a road on a mountain, we had some deep sleep! Much needed.

The final event was at AJK medical college. Very lively atmosphere, bright decor and audience.

Abu Saad spoke eloquently and the highlight of the event was towards the end.

He asked the audience to stand up. Then move to the left and then right and then take a step back. Then he asked them to sit down. After a gap of a few seconds and surprising questions as to why he made them to do this, Abu Saad said”

“Yeh iss liye kiya, kyun Ke mein apko hilana chahtaa hoon, aap ko akhir hilaa Ke hi chor raha hoon…!!!”


Meaning he wanted to ‘move them’ and he did them literally! 😎😬


It was a nasheed singing late night drive towards my home of ‘DHA phase II’ and there ends our one day mission to Kashmir.

May Allah accept this part of WOC.

Glam For A Greater Good

Alhamdulillah, another successful Online formula event by our sisters in DM India with a huge non-practicing audience. Huge shout out to our management team. It was a Korean-inspired ‘No makeup’ makeup look workshop, which was designed to attract our non-practicing youth and bring them closer to Allah SWT, along with physical beauty and had some spiritual beauty hacks too. Excited? Well, let’s look deeper into it.

The idea of having a makeup event was unique and it brought a lot of doubts and concerns. How are we going to start it with makeup and turn it into a Dawah event? Our management team put their best minds together and came up with an amazing plan.

From deciding the theme to the final event, it was a roller coaster ride. There was a lot of tasks and challenges, and the biggest challenge was getting the attention of our non-practicing sisters and creating excitement for the event. Our promotion team designed an effective game plan and worked hard to get the maximum audience. 

To make it remarkable our management team was keeping a close eye on every little detail. We had two demo sessions before the final event. We recorded them and reviewed them to make the final event flawless. We planned everything entirely, from deciding a color code for the advertisement to matching our dress code for the final event. We wanted to create an impression, so that people pay attention to the message we were about to deliver.

So, when the big day finally came, our team was full of energy from the morning. There was excitement and enthusiasm. We were about to call hundreds of people towards Allah SWT and this thought filled us with zeal. Our event host got dressed in a funky way to get attention from the attendees.  We all got together thirty minutes before the final event and made dua to Allah SWT.

The event started, and first there was a very delightful and cool introduction with the audience, and our Host Kashish Meher, Co-Host Ismat Senduley, and Manager Ariba Irfan came on the screen with full of energy and their super cool hats and their jokes made the audience laugh. 

Then we had Professional Korean Make-Up Workshop by our certified Make-Up Artist Humera Banu from Bangalore and along with beauty tips she made the audience comfortable with her humor. By the end of the make-up session, we interacted with the audience to make them feel more connected to us. We drove the conversation from outer beauty to inner beauty. Now, it was the time to drop our special message. Our Sister Ayesha Qurayshi from Mumbai came into the spotlight and delivered a soul-enlightening message about inner beauty and the purpose of life.  Our audience was excited to hear this beautiful reminder.

After that, our fun games segment started, and we played two games and a rapid-fire round to decide the final winners. While we were deciding the winners, our audience interacted with the management team and gave their valuable feedback. We could see their happiness and excitement.

We gave exclusive jewelry as a gift to our winners. We also distributed E-certificates to participants and winners.

We were incredibly delighted to get such overwhelmingly positive feedback from the attendees and our audience was enquiring when will be our next event, which not only indicates the demand for such sessions among our sisters but also inspires us to keep working hard!

Subhan Allah, this formula event was designed for our non-practicing sisters who are away from Islam, who don’t like Islamic lectures, but as Korean makeup is trending in our society, non-practicing sisters were eager to be a part of this workshop. If we want to bring change, we should start with the youth by introducing them to how amazing our creator is. The purpose of this event was not to promote makeup but to attract non-practicing youth who otherwise never would have listened to the Islamic reminders. We are incredibly thankful to Allah SWT for making this event successful. May Allah bless the team and accept the efforts of our whole management team, Sisters; Kashish Meher, Ariba Irfan, Humera Banu, Ayesha Quraishi, Dr. Naseem, Raziya Khan, Ismat Senduley, Samrin Fathima, Humera Patel, Kaynat, Maryam Fathima, Nazifa Patel, Zikra Waseem, Munira Sultan, Ismat Khan, Amani Arshad, Saamiya Mehreen, Naziya Sultana, Sofia Tanwar, Nameera, Sahila Afseen, Ruhi Afza., and provide us with more opportunities to do more amazing dawah events like this in future. Ameen

Bradford & Middlesborough

A young brother who I felt was a Muslim was walking hand in hand happily with a local lass. I said salaam loudly, ( this usually works to confirm if one is a Muslim or not) and he replied with salaams. So it turns out this young Somali brother was giving da’wah to this local Yorkshire lass. I asked how far has she researched and she said she’s close. So I pressed upon certain key creedal topics which she needs to understand. She agreed and said I’m close to Islam but fear repercussions from my folks. I advised that accept the truth before it’s too late and no rush to open up about her Islam to family. She agreed to further research. Before I let them go, I had to address the relationship. With the most empathic way I could, I advised to be careful of your relations with another. I especially was addressing the brother because deep down he knows he should know better! Either wait till Nikah or minimise the interaction and avoid ‘dates’ because this could prove destructive for both of you. They listened and when they walked off it was visible that they didn’t hold hands.. for now!

Yes they probably may continue their relationship, but I had to explain the Islamic stance and advise as a brother. If there’s munkar in front of you, we can and should address it albeit with a lot of hikmah and if rapport has been built.

The other interesting thing was when a sister who was wearing a hijab but had a vape in her hand. She was probably 15/16. After explaining about YC and then commending her for her studies and ambitions I had to ask her if she’s doesn’t mind but can I give you advice. She said sure, I advised stop the vaping. It doesn’t suit you & it may lead to other heavier stuff. She smiled and said Jzk.

Br Sohail was watching this actually said to me, what advice could you have given her, she dressed modestly and had a hijab on. I said didn’t you notice the vape? He said oh! Is that what it was?!

So the lesson is we need to be street sharp. We need to be aware of what’s going on. The holding of hands, the vape, these are moments of great rewards and perhaps first time advice for these youth!

Bradford 4 hours was a very productive time. Well done to the brothers that came all the way from Sheffield and Liverpool. One even took a day off from work! Allah bless him.

This combined with the Boro mission was a hard but insha’Allah a productive weekend and something for us to build on. Watch this space for Middlesborough & Bradford teams to grow.

How to be Happy- Oxford, Summer 2022

“How to be Happy” event.
Oxford Summer 2022

One of the most satisfying things for me personally and the da’wah is when the target-market people attend the event you work hard for.

This happened at the south Oxford community association with the event entitled:

“How to be happy”

I began with a few ice breaking questions, which set a relaxed tone in the hall. We had a short quiz with prizes and a decent Q&A.

I touched upon what we think makes us happy and in reality creates more misery and how we could truly find happiness through spiritual as well as productive activities.

It was so pleasing to see a lot of non-practising youth including, along with new reverts, a Muslim who admitted he was hungover! , another young guy who said he so upset about his parents getting divorced and needed naseehah, a non Muslim and all sorts of youth. This is the whole point of YC Da’wah and Muslim youth da’wah.

Before the event, as is now customary of how we do things at YC-UK, we had a stall at Cowley Rd. We chose this over the city centre as we wanted to engage with ‘Asians’ and this could possibly be the place to find and talk to Muslim youth. It was a short stint but the highlight was this sister, mother of four kids. Not only did she buy the magazine and make a donation but she attended the event!
I love this because it shows that face to face promotions of events, can still
Work! If anyone recalls, this worked in Birmingham when we had the meaning of life event a few months ago, where two people came after we had approached them in a café a few hours earlier.

This sister attended, stayed, wants to volunteer and moreover, it turns out that she’s the grand daughter of the famous Islamic Psychologist, Malik Badri!

At the event in Oxford yesterday, not only was it a much bigger turnout than expected, but the ‘best’ in terms of non practise.
We had a range of Muslims from people who admitted were hungover to youth with doubts about Islam. We had many non hijabis, almost half the audience, new reverts & even a non Muslim!

Personally I think I could have delivered much better and I will Insha’Allah work on improving.

I am so proud of the dedicated trio of Naim and Amy led by sister Aisha. They worked hard for this event Masha’Allah. A special shout to Br Jamal, who came from Banbury as he did for Birmingham a few weeks ago. Amazing dedication for the da’wah, exemplary and also Sister Asma who travelled all the way from London by public transport to help with the event by herself! This dedication is super inspiring and is the sort of thing needed for the da’wah to flourish. Masha’Allah!

An interesting anecdote was that a while back when this event was discussed. We needed more volunteers, other Muslims were busy and not available so what to do in this situation? Well by the help of Allah, let’s ‘make a new Muslim’. Amy attended the event in London, took her Shahadah, and then not only became a volunteer for this event but played a leading role! Allah provided our team with a new Muslim instead of us waiting for other Muslims to step up! Allahu Akbar! I find that Incredible.

The chat after my talk was interesting:

Young Ex Muslim after the event today.

( Cheekily) Huh, you probably believe in Allah because you just ‘feel’ it.

Me: More than that bro. We have great enlightening intellectual reasons and rational arguments for a creator:

Ex Muslim: Yeah right(!) , go on then..( Sarcasm)

Me: I Breakdown the design argument, Quranic argument. He is cheekily grinning throughout, but after a while the grin subsides. I keep talking, I also mention contingency but advised we discuss that another time

He throws in the usual ‘who made God’ objection..

Me: Absurdity of infinite regress, Sniper and Bus analogies.

Ex Muslim: Wide eyed and a “hmmm”

Ok listen I’m actually hungover and I need to go!

After this I reflected that Ex Muslims or those with deep liberal leanings Muslims maybe at first they will be cheeky and sarcastic, but we duaat need to be focussed on the discussion and show sabr in the face of such provocative reactions. Perhaps then we can have a proper nuanced engagement and convey the message properly.

May Allah guide him back to Islam.

The sort of marketing we did and the niche target of YC. Usually we get the odd non practise, but this was much bigger number of those sort of youth.

Alhumdulillah, a breakthrough YC U.K. da’wah and a personal victory. Amazing work by the Oxford team led by the talented sister Aisha, who by the way.. also has connections and lived in I-8, Islamabad! Those who know.. know! 😎

These are all signs from Allah that he is helping YC.

Every cloud has a silver lining

Oftentimes in life, we are put in situations we don’t anticipate. We plan endlessly, but Allah’s plan could be different and far better. So, one must always stay positive.

On June 18, 2022, the DM Lahore trip to UMT took place, and our team experienced an unexpected turn of events. They had planned to use the opportunity provided by Youth Club’s “Utho, Jaago, Badal do” event, devoting days to its preparation. However, they soon learned that the university was closed for the day and largely vacant, except for participants attending the event. The group felt dismayed; their plan was wrecked! They did not, however, lose hope and asked Allah for help. The team leader had an idea. Together, they devised a strategy to use this challenge as an opportunity to recruit new members for DM. This was simple, given the attendees were already present to attend the Youth Club’s talk and were Islamically motivated. The girls were divided into three teams and put to work. By Allah’s Grace, fifteen people expressed interest and consented to complete the induction process within the hour-long time frame.

The day ended but the team had yet another highly inspirational experience to share. One of them lamented on the way home that they couldn’t carry out their plan. At this point, the leader proposed to engage with co-passengers boarded on the train and make use of the time to spread the word of Allah.

They first met a hijabi. This was the first station and passengers were scarce, therefore, the options were limited. The girl was informed that they were researching the meaning and true purpose of life. This young lady volunteered to take part. For her, the primary goal was to please God by worshipping and abiding by His rules. She then touched on the five pillars of Islam and later emphasized on Huquq-ul-Ibad (the rights of the people) and charity. The girl also expressed that the majority of Muslims had wandered from the Straight Path and had forgotten our Lord. Lastly, she thanked the team for the reminder and expressed her joy in helping with the research.

The second person to be approached was a college student who had the stereotypical image of a contemporary “cool” girl listening to music. She was informed of the same regarding the research, and she reluctantly consented, responding hesitantly to the question and throwing the ball into our team’s court asking them to explain the purpose of life instead. In response, she has been told about Allah, His Eternal Love and Mercy, while carefully directing the conversation toward the prime purpose of life: to worship Him and Him alone. When the girl heard that they had just returned from a YC event, she exclaimed with delight. A member of the crew noticed that although the girl was a YC fan, she preferred their grandiosity over their Islamic lifestyle. She exchanged contact numbers with the team and requested that they keep her informed of future events. Afterwards, she primarily discussed Netflix, as do most young people today. When asked whether people are expected to forget about God, the girl replied indifferently, stating that He should be remembered and appealed to a fairly moderate view of the hijab. One of the crew members attempted to correct her by citing a Hadith she heard at the YC event, insisting that it is never too late to turn to God. Their stations had come at this point, and they departed.

Another group member went ahead and sat next to a woman who was on the phone at the time. She waited for the call to end and asked where the lady was headed. The woman was travelling to MAO, where she worked as a nurse. When asked about her life, she said it was going fine. She was then inquired about her purpose in life. Her response was to raise her children well and die upon Iman. She was also asked how she dealt with non-practising patients, and the response was quite shocking, nearly half of her patients were Christian! Thereafter, the woman was introduced to DM, and she revealed that her father ran a Madrassa, where her mother also worked, but she didn’t have time to work there anymore. The conversation was cut short when the train got overcrowded and the woman had to give up her seat to an elderly lady. Her station arrived soon after, and she left.

Hope the blog stressed the importance of tawakkul or trusting Allah even when things don’t go as planned. Remember that Allah is All-Knowing, He always plans better.

Religion is not my concern!!

Why do l have to be concerned about religion while my life is going well? Why do l need to follow a religion to show my devotion towards God?

You might have come across these questions throughout your dawah. It is also possible that you yourself, have been striving to discover answers to these questions. This blog has answers of such questions that one might struggle to get answers of.

During dawah, if someone declares that he does not care about the religion, what should be a sensible comeback? Here are a few answers to that:

  • Everyone follows a religion, even those who do not believe in God. They worship wealth, the devil, family, any other human, desires, so the question is that what are you worshipping? Who or What is your God?
  • It means that you do not care about common sense. Consider a warning, that if someone informs you about a Tsunami behind the building, will you say that “I do not care”? You will definitely save yourself from calamity. Similarly, I am giving you a warning, that if you die as a non-Muslim, you will be sent to hell after your death where you shall reside forever. Can there be a warning and calamity worse than this?
  • If you do not care about religion, it means that you do not care about what will happen to your body and soul after you die.

Why do I have to be concerned about religion, while my life is going well?

If someone seems not too eager to accept your dawah, you should ask them to at least listen to what you have to say. Tell them that it will be their free will, whether they decide to comply or not, but first they should at least listen to you. Do not challenge their beliefs nor begin an offensive argument with them. Try to take things step by step.

How will I know that Islam is the only true religion amongst all other religions?

As far as the veracity of Islam in comparison to other religions is concerned, Allah Almighty has said in Surah Al-Anbiya’,

Nay, we hurl the truth at falsehood so that it knocks out its brains (and defeats it); and behold, it (the falsehood) vanishes. And woe be to you for what you ascribe (to God).”  (21:18)

Christ and Ibrahim did not use the words Judaism and Christianity to label their teachings. The other religions were named (as Christianity or Judaism) a long time after the demise of their preachers. Islam is not a new religion, rather it is the continuation of the true religion of God, which was preached by all the Prophets i.e. from Prophet Adam till Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon them). Factions of the other religions deviated from that true religious path and distorted the original principles of Islam. Teachings of all the Prophets were originally same as that of Islam. If the followers of Christ and Ibrahim adhere to the original teachings of their Prophets, they would automatically go by Islam.

Islam is the continuation of true religion of God, which was preached by all the Prophets.

The Quran was revealed over a period of 23 years. Under no human capacity, can an individual maintain such consistency and originality of the narration and text, for 23 years. The final testament, the Quran, engages its readers on a psychological level. No other divine book can do that. Other divine books, having been manipulated and altered, are not available in their original forms. God, Himself has promised to protect the Quran, thus He has retained its originality for 1500 years, and that is its biggest miracle.

After learning the legitimacy of Islam, there comes another hurdle. There are a few stereotypes attributed to Islam, and people are thus afraid either to accept Islam or to live their lives according to its guidelines. Even the Muslim youth now a days have these misconceptions about Islam. Here are few common reservations that we come across:

  • My belief is enough!
  • I will have to shun every worldly thing in order to be a true Muslim.
  • Islam is strict!
  • Having a completely diverse cultural background, I cannot get along with the Islamic culture.

People usually say, “We know that Allah exists, and our belief is enough. Why do we need to identify ourselves as a Muslim? Why do we have to follow certain rules and guidelines, and worship in a particular way?”

Islam is a way of life prescribed by the Creator for his creation

If we talk about having conviction in God’s existence; the devil, Christians, Buddhists and even Atheists, they all already do so. Everyone has their own God, however the forms vary. If we want to manifest our belief in God, we have to follow His commandments and shift our approach in the way directed by Him. Islam literally means submission or obedience to God, not peace. Just like if a boss allots an assignment to his employee, he expects his employee to execute that task in accordance with the given directions. Any deviation from the said protocol might make the boss enraged. In the same way, the creator has asked us not to devise ways in order to show our devotion towards Him, instead we have to adhere to what He has already designed for us, given the fact that only the architect knows the best protocols required for regulating his creation effectively.

The code of conduct and restrictions in Islam are misunderstood as strict and are considered to be a hindrance in the lives people want to live today. Who knows better about the functioning protocols of a machine except its creator?

Islam is a way of life prescribed by the Creator for his creation. Humans have a limited capacity to foresee what is right or wrong for them. Islam just structures life around the benefit of all humans. Some commandments might look hard to follow initially due to the hesitation of following a routine and structure. All successful people have ordered a regimented routine in their lives, regardless of their religion. Majority of the people are living a structureless life nowadays. Anyone who asks them to bring an order in their life is considered as a threat or a strict person. Even the Muslim youth is not in a habit of following Islam. This is because they have lived a structureless life since their childhood. When they get into their late teens or early twenties, their parents bring them to scholars to get their habits fixed, but it gets too late by then. Hence a child’s upbringing must be done from the initial stages of life, and he should be told about the importance of closure to God.

In order to be in His good books and live a satisfactory life in this world and get Jannah in the hereafter, one must follow the code of conduct assigned by God. One must have faith in Allah’s existence, on all Prophets, and live life according to the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), do worship in the way guided by him, and consider his teachings during the course of one’s whole life.

When it comes to tackling the fear of cultural differences, few points should be kept in mind. The whole Muslim ummah is one on the basis of Islam, regardless of their culture. In Islam, other cultures are not shunned. The evidence lies in the fact that Islam is the second largest religion in the world, and the first largest religion with the fastest growing numbers of followers, from every society and culture. These multicultural new Muslims are residing happily after keeping their moral and cultural values intact. Islam must not be confused with the Arabic culture, as culture and religion are two different things. In Islam, cultural diversity is appreciated, as Allah says in Surat Al-Hujarat,

“We created you all from a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes so that you may know one another.” (49:13)

So, anyone can submit to Islam irrespective of his previous religion, ethnicity, or cultural background.

Humans are deluded by a belief that they have complete control and capability to take care of their lives. This idea of self-sufficiency makes them believe that they do not need God or religion in their life. They strive for material things and start putting their trust on them instead of their Creator. The circumstances of COVID-19 are a perfect example of humans’ inability of having control over their lives. Once a man comes to realize that he is not in control of his life, no means, escape or any person can really help him, but God. His whole life changes and he gets a window of opportunity to think that true control is only with the Creator who is providing everything. That person inevitably gets answers to all his questions. He starts realizing that Islam is the only way of making a connection with the Provider and the Creator.

Categorising Islam merely as a religion is not its true manifestation.  Islam is a beautiful system of life prescribed by God. Islam has beautiful concepts of brotherhood, sisterhood, religious dialogues, its scholars, congregations for worship, regard for humanity, optimism, ways of dispute resolution and what not. It is a beautiful private practice between an individual and his creator, and the individual’s faith on his creator. People who start following Islam, describe the transition towards Islam as the most beautiful thing that has happened to them. The whole course of their life changes as they become more satisfied, ordered, and happy. The world around them starts making sense and they find true meaning of their existence.

Big screen to a bigger picture

This blog is a description of a dawah experience witnessed by sister Naaziya hailing from Bangalore, India. She is one of the core members of her team and an active daee.

            I had a delightful dawah experience not long ago when my cousin’s sister came over to stay at my place. It began with a small chat about a movie I hadn’t watched. She spoke to me about the lifestyle of actresses and how marriages don’t affect their choice of movie genres. I was shaken as her words got me thinking about the widespread immodesty in the lives of movie actors, who are icons of millions. She offered to watch the movie with me but to avoid disheartening her I proposed we ate dinner first. While having dinner I earnestly made dua to Allah asking Him to prevent us from watching the movie and help me turn this into a dawah opportunity.

            Upon finishing the dinner, I struck up a conversation about the recent hijab dispute and since she didn’t know much about it, I offered to watch a YouTube video about the issue followed by a video of a daee. I noticed she felt proud of her Muslim identity which is exactly what I aimed for. After we were done with Isha’s Prayer, she was happy to continue watching YouTube videos with me. While I asked for her suggestion for our next video, I recommended a video on the great deception but since she found it a bit spooky, we ended up watching a video on the dark sides of media. We completed watching the video and followed by it we discussed a broad array of topics ranging from the music world to the Illuminati and what not. During our conversation, she was surprised to know the humongous amounts celebrities spend for a single event. It got her thinking only if the same magnitude of efforts were put to propagate Islam what would the possible scenario appear to be. As she spoke her mind to me about the same, I thought of encouraging her by reminding her of the words of Allah used to describe us – ‘khairah Ummah’. I told her the spread of evil is due to the prevalence of ignorance and we can bring change by putting in little effort, by seeking knowledge and imparting it.

            Later that night she opened up to me about her younger sister being a diehard BTS fan and that she complained about the same to their mother. This furthermore aggravated the situation making her sister indulge even more into K–Pop music industry. I took this opportunity to advise her that instead of complaining she must listen to her sister’s BTS stories make her feel comfortable and then slowly give her dawah by highlighting the evils of music.

            This conversation of ours went till past 3:00 am until we finally dozed off. Initially, I was apprehensive and felt helpless but then I prayed to Allah, and Alhamdulillah He made it easy for me. It was not up to me to divert her mind from watching three hours of movies to watching Islamic lectures and discussing Allah for hours, it was Allah only who could and made it possible.“`

ADAPT- IMPROVISE- PLAN B l The Birmingham Da’wah mission Blog June 2022.

Adapt, improvise. Plan B.

Birmingham da’wah event Blog June 2022

On this trip, as is now the ever present style.. we have yet another team of people! This time the stars of this mission are:

Nadeem Mughal. An amazing brother, father of fully grown adults. Someone with great manners adab and experience. Bless he drove us from Slough to Birmingham. We met at a wedding a few years ago. He was looking to volunteer for da’wah. Got him into Islamic Network and now YC! He doesn’t know anything about YC yet willing to go on the path of Allah for reward and peace!

Naheem. My brother, Allah preserve him, one of the few consistent companions on these trips.

Osama. A debutant. A clever student from Karachi.

A special shout out to Areeb Khan who like before drove all the way from Wales to Birmingham to support this event.

The plan was to set up a stall at the heart of the Muslim community of Birmingham. Especially targeting the youth who hang around these parts. To promote the event, because the venue was literally around the corner. This method of having a promotional/ da’wah stall for Muslim youth before and near the venue of an event is something I will attempt to do regularly insha’Allah.

There were two highlights which moved and inspired me.

The first one:

Because it was raining. We decided to sit at this cafe called ‘Cravings’. After having some breakfast.. the rain never subsided.. so we decided to just stay here and see if we can approach youngsters in the cafe and promote the event that’s taking place later in the day.

We did this for 2 hours..!

I saw one young sister waiting for drink. The tiny game plan was that: her drink had been made, a milkshake but the person on the counter either forgot or just left it there. So I acted as a waiter.. took the drink to the sister and said here’s your drink madam! 🤓. And then I enquired about the event. Did she know? She had no idea. She got the poster off my phone & said sure I’ll be there.

The chances are usually slim..

But after the event.. a few hours later, I spotted her at the venue ,not only did she come, but brought her brother along with her! 😎😱

It worked! Alhumdulilah. Street promotions work!!!

As usual, I had a chat with both siblings and the struggles are real. Salaah and other issues. As is my latest style, I want to connect and win the heart of youth when engaging in street/ campus/ one to one da’wah.. and if they ask for my details.. I’ve made progress. The brother did. He followed me on Insta and sent me a message!

Let’s adopt these styles in our da’wah projects! Insha’Allah

The second one:

After the cravings cafe.. we had a craving for karak chai. ☕️

After stumbling around we ended up Ladana cafe. We wanted to check it out. Before entering we saw a couple of youths walking by. We asked about the cafe ( Game plan) what’s it like, they said it’s ok.. and then I asked about this event, any idea? They said no. So we want to tell them. It ended up as a naseehah session but what moved me was that one of the lads was actually listening intently. You can tell his never been given this naseehah about Islam is such a manner.

The event wet very well. It was a much bigger turn out than expected. Ustadh wasim spoke brilliantly, some stories of death and other factors about the meaning of life. Lots of questions and answers and good feedback in general Alhumdulilah.

We acquired new Young volunteers, this is a good sign as most of the YC volunteer team are us oldies. The team is looking strong and exciting, watch this space for dynamics fun but life changing events in the Brum area, Insha’Allah.

Revolution by creativity

Following is the depiction of a dawah experience by Nazifa Patel. She belongs to Navapur, India and is one of the active daees and core members of DM India.

I want to share a beautiful incident that was shared by one of our sisters. But before starting off with that, I want to steer off the discussion towards the Qur’an and some of its insights on Creativity.

Creativity is the ability to imagine, invent and play with new ideas and scenarios. It is a type of intelligence which allows you to use your thinking to play with different stuff such as colour, design, language, and the list goes on.

But does Islam encourage this?

Of course, Let’s look at the Quran:

There is,

Tabassur having insight

Tadabbur, Tawassum, Tafakkurthinking and contemplating

Tafaqquhhaving a complete understanding

Tadhakkurkeeping in mind or remembering in your heart

Ta’aqqulusing your spirit in the right way

All these terminologies have been mentioned in the Quran.

As you can see that many of these expressions are associated with the mind and soul, anything that can enrich them. Undoubtedly, the mind and soul are only enriched by thinking, understanding, and reflecting. But to do so, we need to somewhat stimulate them, isn’t it? For this, we draw, we listen and even read….

One of our sisters loves to read. In fact, she even has a whole shelf decorated in her room, with books. Not only does she love reading but also annotating her books heavily by putting tabs on the quotes or lines she feels inspired by. She loves to aestheticize and beautify stuff; therefore, she not only highlights her favourite quotes, but also keeps flowers as bookmarks in those pages.

She used to share the inspirational quotes, which she loved, on her Instagram stories and posts and even on other social media platforms through her personal profile. As usual, her friends would see and like those pictures and most would even save them. But one of her friends was different…

One day, this non-Muslim friend who was her former roommate visited her home. She asked the sister about where she got those quotes from. The sister shared one of the books with her friend. The friend saw the highlighted quotes in the book, and pages decorated with dry flowers and beautiful bookmarks. She asked if she could borrow the book from the sister as she loved the quotes which the sister used to post on her Instagram profile.

The sister intended to give the book to her friend. The sister used to share more quotes from the book on her Instagram in hope to increase her friend’s interest and curiosity and in doing so, she was being creative in the ways of giving dawah.

Had the sister given the book to her friend directly? she might have just kept it and would never have read it as she would not have known how beautiful it was from the inside. This is how the sister has applied the idea of what marketers’ do for selling a product. They try to be creative in giving the best glimpses of their product. Likewise, the sister’s creative idea of posting quotes from the book worked as a trailer; this increased the interest of her friend in wanting to know more.

As this sister hopes for her friend to be guided, we can learn one very important lesson from this that true wisdom lies in being creative and innovative in how we give dawah to others to increase the interest and curiosity of those people who might not know Islam in a good light.

Theatrics & a Lavish venue

Theatrics & beautiful buildings

My visit to Manchester & Sheffield.

I write this as I travel down from ‘up North’ towards London via the East Midlands train. Tired but enthused to share some of the stuff that took place last couple of days.

My travel up from London Euston was a pleasant train journey. It’s the little things that make these trips easy and enjoyable. A Daee, needs these to keep going for years and decades.

I got the whole seat and table for myself, spacious, WiFi, plug sockets for charging my devices. A tuna sandwich, cold mocha coffee and cappuccino sugar free sweets. Listened to a few Yaqeen inst podcasts on mental health and others. Felt productive and content.

This was my first ever visit to the BMHC Manchester. Very lavish venue. What an amazing building & site. I think all those who live in Manchester or surrounding areas should visit this place. The whole building is an Islamic centre and a marvel of architecture. It’s a cross between an old castle/ University and cathedral!

May Allah bless Yasir, who has kept in contact with me since his isoc in Portsmouth days. He wanted to organise a YC event and invited me here.

We chose the famous ‘Colour me happy’ workshop. This is Br Raja Zia Ul Haq’s workshop discussing mental health & how to be happy.

I touched upon the rich contribution of our past scholars in the field of psychology in Islamic history. Names like Abu Zaid Balkhi and many others. Astonished to learn they were discussing OCD, Schizophrenia, phobias as well anxiety & depression all those years ago. Masha’Allah, another reason why Islam is true! It has pioneered and contributed in all fields of knowledge.

I was also pleasantly surprised that Uncle Nasser is the chairman of the Heritage centre. I’ve been in a mutual WhatsApp group member with him for years! He’s the very person who has given huge donations towards the da’wah. May Allah bless people like him. True modern day Ansaar.

After the event, it was nice to spend time with quality brothers Hamza and Shafiq. Hamza was also an ex head of isoc from Portsmouth. The Pompey link continues to pop up in my da’wah! 🙂

After a near scare of no rooms at the Travelodge, I eventually got a room. Phew! Alhumdulilah.

The next day, YC supporters from Bradford came, may Allah bless them and drove me to Sheffield.

Here we had our first ever YC event. It was a small venue and so a big crowd was not expected. We couldn’t bring in the crowd that we wanted and have learnt many lessons for future activities.

But this was a first for the use of ‘theatrics’!

The thinking behind this was that at each event we always want to try something new, something unique. This was an experiment and I think it went well. As I began to narrate the famous story of the great salaf Fudayl Ibn Ayad, I wanted to create a scene where the Hall was darkened, the use of sound effects and a fan to create a wind effect.

Some audience members were pleasantly surprised. This is definitely something I will

be doing in future events.

The other positive about the event was that someone in the community was not happy about this event, for certain reasons. But it turned out that one of their own children turned up and volunteered for the event! So it worked out nicely. Allah has his own plans..

The little team that is growing in Sheffield is full of enthusiasm and great sincerity. I truly believe that this will be a good foundation to help the da’wah flourish in this area. Sheffield always had potential, and as some of you may have read before, I’ve felt let down previously.. but through the platform of YC, I’m feeling confident about this team.

I’ve spoken at two different places and I hope that what I conveyed has hit the hearts and minds of the listeners and in turn I get my reward in the akhirah.

Bangalore Dawah success! Written by DM member Humera

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah Wabarkatuh everyone
Just sharing a beautiful experience or maybe a close observation I had recently
My best friend Farheen Aliya from from Banglore, India attended our DM event (essence to your beauty) by DM Banglore
a makeup workshop with dawah, after the event we were thought to be in touch with the attendees so I did the same, I used to give her dawah everyday, then the blessed month arrived subhanallah (Ramzan) which made her leave all kinds of haram
she was into a lot of music, binging on alot of series (pakistani, turkish series)
Was very lazy in the matter of deen, was alot in dargah matters etc) hijab practice was very minimal and not for the sake of Allah but as a family practice and only in certain places
Now alhamdulillah Allah Azawjal is blessing her with guidance there is alot of taqwa and tawheed, she feels alot more God conscious, left music and binging on series subhanallah, getting close to Al- Quran, now loves hijab and wants to know about Islam as much as possible
now ,she is trying to fast her shawal alhamdulillah

Yes DM style definitely works alhamdulillah but we need to constantly stay in touch with them as it is thought by our daes in DM trainings

“True life is lived when tiny changes occur.”
-Leo Tolstoy

Allahuma barik, may Allah guide her and every one of us and bless us with immense hidaya

From Hinduism, then Atheism to Islam

A member of DM Network in India engaged in amazing da’wah, read the story of change.

AssalamuAlaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu!

This is something I would like to share with you all.
Alhamdulillah a non-muslim sister my friend reverted to Islam last night.
Her journey started around 3-4 years back when she was a Hindu and changed into an Atheist.
I met her 2 years back during my 12th-grade exams. She was my exam partner and she disliked the way I dressed as I was a fully covered Hijabi. She started the conversation by asking if I was forced to be dressed this way and I explained to her why I was willingly covering myself in a certain way and since then she wanted to change the way I was thinking of this and wanted to show me that this is clear oppression for females and I was just being brainwashed by different people around me. We used to have small conversations now and then and slowly I diverted the topic of hijab to God’s existence and Oneness and Alhamdulillah after 1 and a half year-long conversations…
She was finally convinced and she called me at night and said she didn’t want to wait anymore and that she wanted to embrace Islam!
Alhamdulillah, she took her Shahadah last night 😊

May Allah bless us all with success in this Duniya and Aakhirah and make us amongst those who strive in his way!
Ameen. Sister Saamiya. Medic student.

Oxford Eid extravaganza🌙🎉

A first for Oxford.

A fully fledged YC da’wah stall for the Muslim community of the Oxford area including the youth and non Muslims, Alhumdulillah.

We spoke to all sorts of people. We promoted the work of YC. A few were pleasantly surprised that YC exists in the U.K. spoke to a few non Muslims, young teens about the purpose of life, sins, how to change and getting to their creator and sustainer.

May Allah reward brother Zayed who travelled a round trip of probably around 400 miles round trip. He drove from Canterbury, to London and then Oxford and back! As a fellow driver, I appreciate this effort. Br Waleed and Hadi completed the team. They travelled from their homes and took time out just to engage with the youth of Oxford and to call them back to Allah..so Duas are due for them.

May Allah accept this mission. Many more to come!