THE CONFIDENCE BLOG This blog is based upon a Facebook live session i delivered. Many brothers and sisters in the Ummah feel they have a lack of confidence in their dawah styles and generally in life too. I hope these following tips would help them overcome this. A Video complimenting this blog is available upon request: email: … Continue reading BECOMING SUPER CONFIDENT


Obsession with possession

Initiating a Dawah conversation with teenagers obsessed with demons and dark fantasies. (Posted n Tumber too) Well, I'm around some teenagers. Roughly 13-17 years of age. They've been watching some seasons, movie series and reading fiction novels and also following some blogs and websites online. And they believe in the concept of demons and … Continue reading Obsession with possession

“Chronicles of D’awah” # 3 (Faisalabad- University Adventures)

Sometimes your passion for something makes you to do adventurous stuff, so as a crazy and passionate girl for d'awah, I did the same this time 😋 First stall at a university!! Dawah to typical students of universities of Faisalabad, Pakistan! A place where students can't do anything prominently and without permissions. Doing so equals … Continue reading “Chronicles of D’awah” # 3 (Faisalabad- University Adventures)

“Chronicles of D’awah” # 2 (Left me speechless)

They say you need pure intention, a vision and above all that true love for Allah swt and for the Deen of Islam to give dawah I completely agree to that. Infact working with the people of special needs, it so happened that I witnessed something mind-bogglingly amazing, which left me speechless... At the clinic, … Continue reading “Chronicles of D’awah” # 2 (Left me speechless)