THE CONFIDENCE BLOG This blog is based upon a Facebook live session i delivered. Many brothers and sisters in the Ummah feel they have a lack of confidence in their dawah styles and generally in life too. I hope these following tips would help them overcome this. A Video complimenting this blog is available upon request: email: … Continue reading BECOMING SUPER CONFIDENT


WOC2019: Interview with Brother Nadeem Ashraf

My Interview with the YC Blog!

Youth Club Blog

Brother Nadeem is a mentor, trainer, and an English teacher in the UK. He is one of the official speakers of Youth Club’s Winds of Change Tour 2019 and has been a constant support in YC’s Da’wah mission. He has studied politics at TVU, London and gained an English teaching certificate from the Cambridge University Board of Accreditation. He has worked with major organisations like Amnesty International, the International Red Cross, UNICEF, the British High Commission, and Qassem University in Saudi Arabia, among others. He loves nothing more than being random, interacting with the public, and engaging in deep conversations.

Here are a few questions
we asked him about his experience as a speaker in this year’s Youth Club’s
WOC2019 Tour!

1. What inspired you to
come to Pakistan to participate in YC’s Winds of Change Tour 2019?

Many reasons! But for the sake of brevity I’d say as someone…

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An explosion of emotions I just don’t know where to start to describe my 24 days of amazing da’wah work with YC! I feel like breaking all basic English grammar rules and just be over random than usual! I mean.. the honour I received, the various situations I was put in, the emotions of being … Continue reading AN EXPLOSION OF EMOTIONS – My #WOC2019 Dawah tour!

WOC Day 14,15 &16. Sialkot/Multan.

WOC day 14, 15 & 16. Sialkot, Lahore and Multan. The team made their way from Faisalabad to Sialkot. Once they reached, Br Zia delivered one of his most famous workshops “Jinns and Black magic “ at the wonderfully named venue ‘the white palace! Masha’Allah very Good feedback received with comments like ‘Done professionally’ by … Continue reading WOC Day 14,15 &16. Sialkot/Multan.

WOC day 13. As per winds of change tradition. It was an extremely early start for us all. 5 of us set off around 5am in the morning and headed towards Faisalabad. This long journey was made easy by the brotherhood and banter that has been developed and established amongst YC. I think this type … Continue reading