Part 2: Do you fear death?

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By Maria Javaid.

This is a two-part series on the concept of death. This is the second part. Check out Part One here!

Having understood that death is an inevitability, what can we do to challenge the notion of death to lead a successful Muslim life?

  • Make peace with death

Although no one can have the full surety of entering Jannah, it is best to lead our lives in a way that we are satisfied to a degree, by our current struggle of living in accordance to Allah’s commands. This would make us peaceful at the thought of our actions being presented to Allah (SWT) and the entire concept of accountability would seem less intimidating.

  • Include Allah’s remembrance in your

It is not prohibited to enjoy fun-filled social interactions, but we must make sure that our gatherings are not completely disconnected with our deen and thus, spiritually meaningless…

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